Friday, December 30, 2005


ok.. well my computer decided to cooperate today, and it let me see some of the pictures my friend anya [the one i made the HP scarf for] posted in her blog....there just happened to be some of her with the scarf so here they are!

she took a day trip up to chicago and she decided to pose with some lego figures!

sorry, they are a bit blurry...but they're better then no pictures!

thats all the pictures i have for now, but hopefully i can get my computer to fully cooperate and ill be able to post pictures of everything

Happy Knitting!

~~By the way....everybody who views my page, i would really appreciate some comments, i know people are looking because i have that little tracker thing that counts how many people view your page...anyway comments=appreciated!~~


ok, I recieve a comment (!) that said the pictures couldnt be seen... so here are the links... let me know if they work

//end of edit//

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas went well,

I ended up finishing the scarf for my friend Anya... i dont have pictures but she does...ill post them when i can...

i finally got a digital camera for Christmas! but my computer wont install the software so i cant upload any pictures :( it makes me mad

im currently working on two projects, a patchwork afghan and scarfs for charity. my local library is knitting for a charity in providence and i got my whole fiber arts class to join in!

ill post pictures when i can

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i got grounded and couldnt use the computer for a while...still am actuallly...but because of that ive had lots of time to knit!!!!! ive almost finished that HP scarf and sghould be sending it out hopefully this weekend...thats about it

Happy Knitting!!

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