Monday, July 31, 2006

Lately I've been spending more time (and money!) buying knitting supplies than actually knitting

There's not much new s about knitting and what not, but here's what i have:

Even after I bought all that yarn I post about... I went back in for work the next day and bought more! I couldn't resit it.. some of the yarn was a really good deal. Like 100% wool, 33 cents a skeing?! How can you pass that up? I also got a bunch of pattern books, which should come in handy to use up all the yarn I bought.

Another good buy.. there was a garage sale last weekend. I stopped with my mom, and there was a box of knitting needles. Now I've been wanting to make socks, but haven't had the time or money to go buy DPNs ... I found some in the box, and I was looking at sizes and quality, etc. The man who was running the sale came over and said you have to buy the whole box, not just one thing. Anyway, when I got home and went through the needles, just the DPNs .. there were circulars and straights as well. there were sizes 1 through 10 1/2 with about 3 pairs of each! and that was just the DPNs... I've yet to go through the circulars or straights, but I definetly got my moneys worth seeing as how the only box only cost $10!

I've started my second skein on my Branching Out scarf. At first I was a little upset that I would have to weave in yarn in the middle of my scarf, but lucky for me I was watching and episode of Knitty Gritty while I was working on it. There was a 'knit bit' about how to join animal fiber yarns while in the middle of a garment. All you do is moisten the end of the yarn you've come to an end to, and the end of the yarn you are going to join. Over lap them and rub them together in your palms .. like you would do to make a 'snake' out of clay. In a minute or two they are joined together.. almost felted together if you will, it worked for me. And that made me very happy because it saved me about a foot of yarn!

I've started to think of what I'm making for christmas presents this year. I think for my sister I am going to make her a Branching Out scarf seeing as how she keeps bugging me to have the one I'm making now. For my mom I think I am going to make the criss cross scarf featured in an episode of Knitty Gritty. And for my sister's fiance I am going to make him a beanie hat. Always good to be prepared right? It's not like I don't have enough yarn!!

Other then that I haven't got much news. It's been hot here.. a little too hot to work with yarn, tomorrow is supposed to feel like 120F!!!! So I don't know how much knitting I will be getting done this week, that temperature is supposed to stay all week.

In non-knitting news: I got my driver's permit!! My mom has taken me driving.. I started out in parking lots, just to get the feel of the car and then I drove around in a plat so I was on a road, but not with much traffic. Tomorrow I have to go to work with my mom and she is going to let me drive there! I am excited, but a little nervous too. I haven't driven on a real road yet, and I think I've gone barely over 20mph at the most. I'm a little nervous after getting in that accident with my grandfather.. coming home from my first day at Driver's Ed.

That's all for now...

Happy Knitting, Crafting, and Staying Cool In The Summer Heat!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I bought over $150 worth of yarn today!!

hehe that title caught your eye now didn't it??!

well, i went to Jo Ann's today to pick up some things i had put on hold last night while i was working, and i am soo glad that i went because all of the yarn was 3 skeins for $1 ... yes one dollar so of course i went NUTS!! and obviously i didnt need any of it, but at that price when some of them were $5.99 a skein, it would have been just plain old stupid of me not to buy any... and just to make you wonder, im not going to say hoe much i ended up actually paying until the end of the post!!

Here's what i bought:

9 balls of Dolcetto yarn

-1 yellow
-1 lime
-2 purple
-2 blue
-3 peach

14 balls of Smania yarn (sorry it's not on the website)
~this yarn is really neat, its sort of like a ribbon yarn, except its also sort of verigated... it's very nice~

-4 in a pink/yellow/purple/green/orange color (very summery)
-4 in the same colors as said balls above, only a tad darker
-3 in a pink/purple/peach/redish tones
-3 in a teal/blue/light purple/dark purple tones

5 balls of Splendor yarn (sorry, again it's not on the website)

-all of these were in black, which has a thin almost threadlike piece of silver wrapped in with it

11 skeins of Angel Hair yarn

-7 in the black/white multi
-4 in the medium purple

that is a total of 39 balls/skeins of yarn... and it would have cost well over $150 .. said so on the cash register.. and guess, just guess how much it cost me?!?!


isnt that amazing? .. of course i bought other things as well, some discontinued home dec fabric samples, 2 no sew fleece blankets, and more... my mom and i figured out how much our total purchase would have cost, it would have cost us over $288 ... but with all the discounts it only cost us $23!! i am SHOCKED!! when i go into work tomorrow, if there is any left, i dont care what it is i am going to grab it and buy it lol... hopefully there will be some needles left that i can grab too

now, of course i didnt have anywhere to put all this yarn, so i had to go out and buy one of those air tight plastic containers that doesnt let light in, so it doesn't get discoloured or start to smell funky if i have to stash it in the basement.. and the container almost cost more then all of the yarn did!

well, that is all the knitting news that i have, other then that i have been working on my Branching Out scarf and it looks really good... my sister wants it but i told her no! .. maybe i will make her one with all of the yarn i just bought!

Happy Knitting to everyone!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

working at a store with yarn can be deadly!

well i have been officially working at Jo-Ann Fabrics for a week and a day!!

but i have spent probably way more then my first paycheck will give me lol

just today i bought 3 skeins of a green verigated Rainbow Boucle each skein is 853 yards, so that gives me 2,559!!! i want to make a pin-wheel blanket... for anyone who has made one.. is that enough???

i also bought i think 5 skeins or so of some yarn that is like a ribbon, i cant find it on the site, but its really cute...

and of course i've bought some awesome fabric, tule, a photo box which came out to be only 20 cents!!!

i haven't had time to knit lately though, i have driver's ed this week from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM every day this week, and ive been going into work for 5 .. until 9:30 ... so im pretty wipped, though i did do a couple rows during the premeire of Project Runway 3 last night.. which i am totally in love with that show!!

but i have to go study for my permit test tomorrow!!! i just wanted to do a quick update

wish me luck!!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

first day at my job!

today was my first day of work... and i am completely pooped from it

i worked 11-4, the same hours i have to work tomorrow.. they had me at the cutting station... you wouldn't believe how many people buy fabric on a wednesday!! my lord! one lady bought $150 worth of just fabric, and on top of that had like 2 other carts full of stuff.. it was NUTS!!

i get a 15% discount on anything in the store.. including sale and non sale items.. which makes me happy because i might just have to go shopping now! it was really hard for me to work and not pay attention to all the yarns and fabrics on sale.. but i made it lol
i am now literally like falling asleep so im going to go to bed so im not over tired for work tomorrow

i havent been knitting much lately.. not that i had time today though.. but its been hot and humid, like in the 80's and 90's but feels like a million degrees.. and let me tell you working with baby alpaca yarn makes it feel even hotter!! ive tried lol

until next time...

Happy Knitting!