Sunday, February 04, 2007

First FO of the year!

Alrighty everyone, I have my first finished object of 2007! My crusoe socks are done - hot off the needles done, I just finished sewing in the end of the second one about two minutes ago. Here are some pictures:

Remember my plan that I thought was 'oh-so-smart'? Well apparently it didn't work out. As you can see in the picture about the heels match up and all is well up until about a third to half of the foot part. I had to readjust the pattern because to knit 9 inches before the toe would have made them too big, on the pattern I wrote 7 inches, but I guess I meant 8 because there is four color changes [two colors and two of the grey/white] more on the sock of the right foot. They don't match up, but I guess it doesn't really matter much seeing as how they both fit my feet. Plus, I think it gives them character!

That is all of my knitting news for now, midterms are coming up and I just had the chance to sit down and knit - this has been the only weekend since probably the first week of school where I have only had to work one night during the week and have had no homework. It was quite relaxing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and as always...

Happy Knitting!