Friday, October 21, 2005

new project!

I've started my new knitting project....its a really nice bag... im using a brown and purple colored together...its coming out nice so far, but it takes a lot of concentration because i have to change what im doing so much because im doing cables.... its confusing to explain

my cousin might let me borrow her digital camera for a bit tomorrow and ill take lost of pictures of everything and post them if i can borrow it... thats all for now

xx midnight stitcher

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

it's done!!!!

I just finished the harry potter scarf...literally like 2 minutes ago!! i am soo happy... i actually ended up doing only 13 stripes because it was already down to mid thigh, and well i dont want it to be draggin on the groun, thats why i didnt do 15, or the full 19....but i like it the way it is... im just contemplating whether or not i should put fringe on it or looks cute with it, but it also looks nice without it... im not sure... im also trying to convince my mother to buy me some really nice purple yarn for the french market bag from knitty...ill get pictures as soon as i can.. thats all for now

xx midnight stitcher

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

should be done soon!!

Ive gotten permission from my Fiber Arts teacher and she said i could work on my harry potter scarf during class... with an hour to each class, four times a week... thats 4 hours just inside school ill have to work on it! it should be done.... no later then saturday i would think...unless i decide to do the full 19 stripes intead of just the 15.....still no pictures...but i might borrow my uncles camera to take some this weekend, ill see... thats all for now

xx midnight stitcher

also.... if anyone reads this and knows how i can get those sub category things on the side... like it will say.. on the needles... with a little precentage of how much is done....if you know how i can get that, please let me know i have been searching everywhere!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

chugga chugga chugga chooo-choooo


ok well, the hp scarf train is moving along swiftly..hence the title ^__^ .... i think im going to end up doing only 15 stripes instead of the full 19 because it is getting offily long...i also think i need to find someone with a digital camera so i can take pictures and start posting... because quite frankly a knitting blog just isnt the same without some pictures... i think instead of spending my money on more yarn...that i really dont need, ill start saving my 10 dollars allowance every week and put it away for my own digital camera...that will take a while though... well thats all i have to say for now

xx midnight stitcher

Sunday, October 02, 2005

poo on rye

well this totally bites....i have a pay as you go type cell phone, and i didnt 'top up' my phone by the date it said i had to, so they shut my phone off...which inevidably means that i couldnt upload the pictures to the computer....which bites because i took some really nice ones....sigh...ow well ill figure out a way to get them uploaded

knitting ADD

Ok, well i've become a victim of knitting ADD..hah...basically what im trying to say is that i've gotten pretty bored with working on my Harry Potter scarf, though it is coming along nicely...i needed a little i went and bought some really nice sofe bulky red/purple verrigated [sp] yarn and some size 17 needles....its working out wonderful, im making a scarf...and this is going really quick to....because its all knit, not knit one row purl one row...and it turns out....that ive been purling wrong! who would have thought??? but hopefully i can pursuade my mom to bring me somewhere where i get service on my phone and i willl post pictures....thats all for now

xxmidnight stitcher