Sunday, December 31, 2006

year end wrap-up

so my camera wasn't charged last night for me to take pictures and post - i forgot to plug in the dock ... woops :-]

but here is what i have:

as far as knitting goes I haven't done too much on anything I haven't really had the time but I did finish one of my Crusoe Socks! [well almost]

the only thing I have left to do is cast off the toe. It gives me the option of knitting the stiches on needles one and two and then doing the kitchener stitch of the first and second needles together, or of pulling the yarn through all stitches. This is the first sock I've ever made so I'm not sure which is best. Any suggestions??

on the non knitting front I made some curtains for my room yesterday!

First of all my room is all black and white pictures of New York, and Audrey Hepburn like this:

This is only the wall that my bed is on but you get the idea of it. Now before I made the curtains that I did, I had these maroonish deep red curtains up that well, did just not go. Here is what I made:

Cute aren't they? They're black with white polka dots, which I think goes very well with my room.

I also had a martini glass on my dresser that was just overflowwing with chapsticks and perfume samples so I did something that isn't very crafty but it used craft supplies so I suppose you could count it - I filled the martini glass with 'pearl' beads. It looks adorable on my dresser with all my perfumes set up. I would post a picture but blogger isn't allowing me to add anymore, I'm not sure why though.

Well, my goals as far as craftyness goes are that I would like to finish everything I started this year, if not everything than at least half. I would also like to try dying some yarn of my own. Other than that I'm not really sure.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and as always ...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am a slacker,

and a large one at that!

I have two days left of my school vacation and last night was the first time I knit - and even then I only did maybe 4 rows of my socks.

It is horrible.

Granted, I got myself a new digitalized sewing machine for Christmas so I have been sort of fooling around with that a bit, I had a friend sleep over for about three nights in a row, and basically I have just simply been enjoying the fact that I do not have to wake up before it is light outside to go somewhere. As well as the fact that I get to watch all those craft shows on HGTV and DIY Network that I miss while I'm in school.

Right now my camera is charging, but later on tonight I will post some pictures [and a list of things I need to finish next year!]

Until then, happy knitting!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Traffic

I know I havent posted in a while, and sadly it looks like I wont be posting again anytime soon. Every year the two weeks before Winter Break are crammed with last minute projects, tests for the half-quarter mark, loads of homework, etc. I have been extremely busy with school - so much so that I've called out of work a couple of times to just try and catch up and relax. I honestly do not think I've gone to bed before 11:30 in the past week and a half, and I have had no time at all to knit, I go once a week to my library knitting group but we always do more talking than knitting, or I end up bringing homework.

So until everything with school calms down and when I have a spare minute I will post, but incase I don't talk to everyone before the holidays come around: Happy Holidays, enjoy time with the family, etc.

and don't forget...

Happy Knitting! [if you have the time :-D ]

Monday, November 13, 2006


Ok, so I finally have my digital camera uploaded into the new computer, so get ready for some pictures, backdated, but pictures non-the-less!!

First, here is the Branching out Scarf I finished a while ago:

here is another shot, it's a little dark but you can see the lace detail really good:

here are the pedicure socks I made for my mom - which were supposed to be a Christmas present but I just couldn't hold off that long to give them to her (click on the link under 2006 Finished Projects for a different picture):

this is a ribbed keyhole scarf I made, I also made my own pattern up as I went along and I think it came out pretty good for my first time 'free-knitting'

Those are all my FO's, or at least all the ones I could find and carry downstairs in one trip. If I find anymore I'll post them later.

Here is the current [ok, one of the current] WIP I'm working on. The Crusoe socks from Knitty.

this is the front part, I'm not doing the full leg, I am sort of going to try and make it into an ankle sock

this is the back heel flap, I just started and I'm about 6 rows into it.

Alright, I think I'm all caught up!! It's so nice to have my camera finally. I got it for Christmas last year and am just finally getting to put it into a computer, it's so nice. Now I will be able to post reguarly with pictures! Who doesn't love pictures of knitting to look at?

Still no news about my SP, maybe I'll just have to sit out of this round :(

That's all the updates I have, hope everyone has a lovely week and ...

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No school today, it's election day!

My camera is still not hooked up, but I got a great idea to scan in my besotted scarf from someone. I'm not sure how well other things will scan, but I will try a little later when my homework and what not is done, but for now here is my bessotted scarf:

I like how the verigated yarn is making it look kind of rainbow-ish. I also like how because of the cables the colors are not going in stripes like they probably would if I weren't using cables, but I am working on this for the Fall Cable KAL 2006

That's all I'm posting for now I have to go do Spanish Homework, Art homework, and study for a huge French test I have tomorrow. I'll try and post more later today.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, I was without a computer for about a week. It crashed, completely, and we had to order a new one. Which makes me happy. Wanna know why?! Because as soon as my mom checks something out with an uncle of mine, I can install my digital camera software and grace my blog with pictures


None today though, but I do have some knitting news:

1) Socktoberfest 2006 ended on Tuesday, I didn't get as much as I would have liked to get done what with homework and my job but I did finish up the pedicure socks for my mom and start another pair for myself.

2) My projects for the Fall 2006 Cable KAL are going smoothy. The besotted scarf from Hello yarn is adorable, I am loving the way it's coming out with the ribbon yarn I chose to help me de-stash a little bit. The Central Park hoodie hasn't had much progress but it looks nice!

3) SP 9 pals were given out, but my named was overlooked somehow. I have contacted one of the head hanchos about it and the're working on it. But, I will say I am feeling a little left out, every blog I browse it seems that someone has gotten a fantastic package from their SP. I suppose good things come to those who wait though. Too bad I am extremely impatient huh?

4) I am looking into convincing my mom to let me open up my own Etsy shop. I don't think anything too extravagent would go in it. Nothing like cabled sweaters, but some little knitted items, probably some sewn too. I have to really figure out how the whole thing works first though.

Other than those four main things there is not much else as far as knitting news goes. I have barely any time to knit with school. This year is brutal with homework. I stayed home today so I got a bit done, and I have next Tuesday off of school so I should get more done then too.

That's all my updates, hope everything is well with everyone, and ...

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 19, 2006



I NEED it!!!

If you are my secret pal [ or just want to be super nice] i would love this yarn:

Sunday, October 08, 2006


This is just a quick post so I can do my SP9 questionnaire:

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
-> I'm not really picky when it comes to yarn, although I will say that I really hate itchy things, I don't mind wool but if it's extremely picky and itchy I tend not to use it [unless it is going to be used for felting]

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?
-> I made myself one of those roll up needle holders when I first started to knit, it is now completely full and I've started to put my needles in a cup - which is not a good thing, I think anyway. For my circulars I don't really have any idea where to put them, I've been wanting to make one of those hanging things for a while now, but never got around to it. I also just picked up some clear protective sheets in hopes of copying a circular needle holder, I'm hoping those in a binder will do just fine.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
-> I've been knitting for a little over 2 years now I think. I taught myself one summer, I had taken a class when I was in middle school, but never kept up with it and I decided to teach myself the ropes! I definetly don't think I am advanced per say, but I'm not a beginner, would an advanced intermediate knitter work? I always like to give myself a challenge so I tend to not look at the levels on patterns

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
-> No, :-( No wish lists here - I tend to just buy a yarn if I like it in the store

5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products, etc.)
-> I think I would have to be an apple person. I absolutely love Yankee Candle's Macintosh scent, their butter cream is good too, and the pumpkin pie! yum! I do like other fruity scents like kiwi, honey dew melon, strawberry, etc.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
-> Hah! I am the girl who couldn't go to the dentist without having at least one cavity until she was 12 - when I got braces. Ahhh i LOVE candy - my favorite I would have to say are: Resee's, Fast Breaks, and mainly just chocolate! yummm

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin?
-> I do quite a bit of sewing, a little bit of scrapbooking here and there, but mainly knitting and sewing. I don't spin though I would love to learn how, or at least try it once.

8. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)
-> I like all kinds of music, heavy metal/rock gets on my nerves though. I like: Shakira, Justin Timberlake, a lot of techno music, and I pretty much just listen to whatever is on the radio, or my iPod - there is actually a lot of N*SYNC on that - hah, an oldie but a goodie I think :-)

9. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
-> My favorite colors would have to be soft yellow, and pink. There aren't really any colors that i hate or can't stand, neon ones give me a headache sometimes but other than that, they're pretty much all okay in my mind.

10. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
-> I live with my mom and sister (I'm only 16) and I have one cat, who is nudered and is an indoor cat.

11. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?
-> I love scarves and mittens, I am not a big hat fan, and not so much with the ponchos. I haven't knit any mittens yet, but I will.

12. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
-> I don't really have a favorite item to knit, I sort of jump around and knit everything. My newest thing is socks, I would love to get some of that Opal rainforest sock yarn, or a plain white sock yarn so I can try my hand at dyeing. I've knit scarves, bags, sweaters [ok, so they're still UFO's but it's alright] socks, dishcloths.. I tend to have a lot of 'plans' for projects but never enough time - hah, don't we all.

13. What are you knitting right now?
-> Right now I have a cabled scarf, 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of socks, and an afghan going on all at once - at least I think that is everything, I probably have more somewhere in my room or around the house but I keep looking over it. It drives my mom crazy, but I just remind her that I could be spending my pay checks on worse things than yarn, especially at 16.

14. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?
-> Who doesn't is more like the question?! I love handmade gifts, it makes it all the more special to receive. Anybody can go and buy that purple sweater in the mall, but when you make one for someone it is one-of-a-kind

15. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
->I have a lot of straight needles, but I really do enjoy the bamboo circulars better, they just don't get in the way as much, and make it way more easier to knit in crowded places.

16. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?
-> NO! I keep putting money aside to buy myself a ball winder but then I usually find yarn [or fabric, or a book] and spend it. I would love to have a ball winder, and a swift would be nice too, although I must say I don't usually buy that many hanks, though I would like to get into dyeing my own yarn - don't those come in handy for that?

17. How old is your oldest UFO?
-> That would definetly be my patchwork afghan. I started that when I first taught myseld how to knit. I haven't finished even one set of squares. I think it's mainly because I get bored doing the same thing over and over, 6 different times - but then again I could sit here and make excuses all day for projects that I have left unfinished

18. What is your favorite holiday?
-> I am a large fan of Halloween and Christmas, and my birthday! :-)

19. Is there anything that you collect?
-> Other than yarn for my stash, not really! Just kidding, there isn't really anything that I collect, but I am always looking for more yarn, or fabric for that matter, I am trying to get into quilting, I've made one but thats it.

20. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on? What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?
-> I am dying to get my hands on one of those top down raglan patterns with the buttons on the side, over near the shoulder, I've googled and asked and although everybody has been making them nobody seems to know where to get the pattern. I am only subscribed to the Knit 1 magazine. As far as yarn goes, I would like to get some dyeable yarn, either for socks, or any weight it doesn't really matter.

21. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?
-> Hmmm, I would like to learn how to cast on for a toe-up sock. I have a pattern but just can't get the cast on to work right. I can't think of anything else at the moment, though I might later.

22. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?
-> I've only knit those pedicure socks from Knitty for my mom, and I am just starting a pair for myself, as far as foot measurements, uhm.. I am a size US 9 if that helps any :-)

23. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)
-> June 30 - I'm a summer baby


About 5 minutes ago I finished the Pedicure Socks for my mom! She loves them. I put off finishing them because my cat had run off with the fourth needle that I needed to use, but when I cleaned my room today I found it. I'm so glad she likes them. They were supposed to be a Christmas present, but I couldnt wait.

**end of edit**

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today kicks off Socktober Fest 2006! I wish that my cat wouldn't have ran off with the fourth needle for my mom's pair of pedicure socks. I don't have another paird of 7 dpns and don't have the money to buy more.. which means as of the moment I cannot finish them .

I also need to go somewhere to figure out how to cast on with the figure 8 way, so i can do my toe up ankle socks.

In midst of the Fall Cable KAL 2006 I casted on for Hello Yarn's Besotted Scarf. I'm using some of the verigated ribbony yarn I got when the old Jo-Ann store closed, so far it looks really cool. For the cable KAL I'm also working on my central park hoodie I started last week.

That's all the knitting news I have, between work and school I don't have much time to do anything, but I'm trying to find a happy balance.

Hope everyone has a lovely week! and....

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here's a real quick update before I go to bed...

I haven't been doing much knitting. I am getting swamped with homework and I'm not even finding enough time to do that nevermind sit down and knit... hopefully within the next week or two things will calm down... hopefully anyway.

Junior year is the most important, and I am just hoping that the whole school year isn't going to be like this.

Hope everyone else is doing well, and

Happy Knitting (if you have time :-] )

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Central Park Hoodie!

Tonight at my work (Jo-Ann's) they had sort of an open house type thing. Tomorrow is the official date that we open too the public (!) Employees could bring family members and at the end they opened it up to shopping!

I had seen the Central Park Hoodie [pics here and here] a while ago, and I wanted to make it, seeing as how the other sweater I started is too small. Anyway, I decided to spend some of my paychecks since I have been so good with putting all of my paychecks into my bank account. I bought yarn for the hooddie! Nothing fancy, it is just Lion Brand wool ease, but in this color:

I like it. In person it is more of a white-ish with pink, not so much pink... it's not a girly pink, its sort of a subdued pinkish purple. Anyhoo I like it.

I am going to finish off my mom's pedicure socks, which is only an inch or two, and then I am going to start it up.

I can't write too more, I want to relax before school tomorrow. Have a lovely day everyone!

P.S. It's official! I am now a proper member of Secret Pal 9!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am a sock knitting MANIAC!

The pedi socks are coming out really good. This is my first actual pair of 'socks' [though I'm not sure if they count because they don't have a toe]. But I am making them all on my own, I haven't asked for help once!

Last night was the teen knitting group at the library. It was only Becky and i who showed up, but that was ok. I had fun nonetheless. When I started the knitting sesson at 5:30 I was still working on the upper ankle part, and when I finished at a little past 7 I was working on turning the heel. I think that is good progress, looking at the fact that I think about 40 minutes of that time was spent talking and not knitting.

After knitting I continued to work on the sock while watching Dawson's Creek [which is my new favorite show, seeing as how none of the new seasons for the shows I watch have started yet]. When I went to bed I had finished turning the heel, pickign up the stitches for the gussets, and now I am just doing regular knitting until I have to do the k2p2 rib and bind off. I think I should finish the first sock tonight! [hopefully]

That's all the knitting news that I have so....

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

pedi socks

Well, I finished a second cable square for my afghan, and now I realize why I put them down and just picked them up from last summer/fall. Because doing about 15 repeats of the same pattern gets to break it up a little bit I...

Casted on for Knitty's Pedicure Socks. My mom is big into getting them every other week right now. She has some nerve damage in her foot, and the guy that gives her the pedicures apparently does some reflexology massage or something and its really helping it. I got her a gift certificate for a pedicure for her birthday [which is tomorrow!], but I figured that in the winter time these would be perfect for her. With just my luck I just bought that sock yarn she likes too [the brown/blue pattern magic stripes]! These will not be done for tomorrow, although they are a fast knit, but I figured it gives me a head start on her Christmas present.

I also casted on those because it didn't involve me doing a figure 8 cast on, which for the life of me I cannot figure out. i tried like 20 different times before I gave up and decided I would wait on my socks a little bit. I'm going to go to the knitting group at my library on Thursday, hopefully someone can help me there.

That's all the news so...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Madam Stash Enhancer

I just did this Stitcher's Name Generator and mine came up as Madam Stash Enhancer. I sure do love to enhance my stash!!

Onto actual knitting news...

In spirit of August Project Spectrum, I picked up the cable squares for my afghan. I figured since they needed to be finished anyway and they fit into the colors for this month, why not? I had to do some frogging though, in one of the squares I left off in the middle of a cable section, and of course I didn't remember what row I left off on. But all is well, I just re-knit it.

Because of said cable squares I have put asside the pinwheel blanket, which is alright though because I'm not sure if I'm going to contiue with it. See, I casted on with acrylic yarn, just to test it out before I casted on with the boucle, so I wouldn't mess up. Then I figured, hey I have enough acrylic and I need to bust some stash, but then I started thinking... What am I going to do with two pinwheel blankets? I might finish the one I started in the Harry Potter colors and give it to a friend for Christmas, but I'm not sure yet.

Now enough about stash busting.. lets talk about some stash enhancing!

Yesterday after work I bought myself some sock yarn!! It's nothing too fancy, but it works for me. It's Lion Brand's Magic Stripes. Here are the colors I bought:

Bright Spring Pattern

Brown/Blue Pattern

I bought the Brown/Blue Pattern for my mom. When I was looking at them, my mom was like 'Oh, this one is nice. I like it.' and then above the yarn was a sock knitted up, with that yarn and she really liked it. I bought it with her there, but she doesn't know that the yarn is for her yet. I might do a Christmas present, but I know I gave her a coupon for Mother's day of one free handknit item, so I'm not sure yet.

In non-knitting news, the heat has finally broke! It is in the high fifties/low sixties right now. Which isn't bothering me one bit! I love the fall weather, it's my favorite time of the year! And speaking of fall, I go back to school on the 5th of September. I'm waiting for my schedule to arrive in the mail, it should be coming either sometime next week, or the week after.

That's all the news I have, so....

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stash Bustin'

Well, my knitting ADD kicked in last night. I started another project! This time, I can justify it though, because I'm using yarn from my ever building stash instead of buying yarn! I'm using the left over acrylic yarn from my Harry Potter scarf to make a Pinwheel Blanket. I'm not sure if I'm going to use the burgundy and the gold, and make sort of a Harry Potter blanket, or just use the burgundy. All I know is that it is a very fast knit.

As far as my Branching Out scarf is concerned, I'm almost done. I think I can fit in maybe three or four more pattern repeats before I do the final five rows of garter stitch and then block it.

August is the last month for Project Spectrum. This month's colors are Neturals, Blacks, and Whites. Here are some pictures of my favorite things in those colors:

I love chocolate! Who doesn't?? I also love the snow, not so much the fact that I most of the time have to shovel it, but it always looks so peacefull and beautifule. I love the sand at the beach!! And I tend to like neutral colored stripes.

I'm not sure what I'm going to make for this month yet, since I have quite a bit of project started, but maybe I'll make some hand-made postcards for my Postcrossing. That by the way (postcrossing) is very cool! You send a postcard to someone across the world, and once they receive it, you automatically receive one from someone else around the world.

That's about all the updates I have for now so...

Happy Knitting!

**Update - 11:55PM**

I just finished knitting Branching Out!!! Now all I have to do is block it! Hopefully I will be getting my new computer soon, and I can post pictures... it's really starting to bug me that I can't post any. Ehhh!! I'm so excited that I finished my first lace scarf!!

**End of Update**

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SP 9 baby!!

I just confirmed with my mom, and she okayed it... I am going to do Secret Pal 9

I am uber excited.. not sure exactly how it works, but I can't wait!!! :-D

Monday, July 31, 2006

Lately I've been spending more time (and money!) buying knitting supplies than actually knitting

There's not much new s about knitting and what not, but here's what i have:

Even after I bought all that yarn I post about... I went back in for work the next day and bought more! I couldn't resit it.. some of the yarn was a really good deal. Like 100% wool, 33 cents a skeing?! How can you pass that up? I also got a bunch of pattern books, which should come in handy to use up all the yarn I bought.

Another good buy.. there was a garage sale last weekend. I stopped with my mom, and there was a box of knitting needles. Now I've been wanting to make socks, but haven't had the time or money to go buy DPNs ... I found some in the box, and I was looking at sizes and quality, etc. The man who was running the sale came over and said you have to buy the whole box, not just one thing. Anyway, when I got home and went through the needles, just the DPNs .. there were circulars and straights as well. there were sizes 1 through 10 1/2 with about 3 pairs of each! and that was just the DPNs... I've yet to go through the circulars or straights, but I definetly got my moneys worth seeing as how the only box only cost $10!

I've started my second skein on my Branching Out scarf. At first I was a little upset that I would have to weave in yarn in the middle of my scarf, but lucky for me I was watching and episode of Knitty Gritty while I was working on it. There was a 'knit bit' about how to join animal fiber yarns while in the middle of a garment. All you do is moisten the end of the yarn you've come to an end to, and the end of the yarn you are going to join. Over lap them and rub them together in your palms .. like you would do to make a 'snake' out of clay. In a minute or two they are joined together.. almost felted together if you will, it worked for me. And that made me very happy because it saved me about a foot of yarn!

I've started to think of what I'm making for christmas presents this year. I think for my sister I am going to make her a Branching Out scarf seeing as how she keeps bugging me to have the one I'm making now. For my mom I think I am going to make the criss cross scarf featured in an episode of Knitty Gritty. And for my sister's fiance I am going to make him a beanie hat. Always good to be prepared right? It's not like I don't have enough yarn!!

Other then that I haven't got much news. It's been hot here.. a little too hot to work with yarn, tomorrow is supposed to feel like 120F!!!! So I don't know how much knitting I will be getting done this week, that temperature is supposed to stay all week.

In non-knitting news: I got my driver's permit!! My mom has taken me driving.. I started out in parking lots, just to get the feel of the car and then I drove around in a plat so I was on a road, but not with much traffic. Tomorrow I have to go to work with my mom and she is going to let me drive there! I am excited, but a little nervous too. I haven't driven on a real road yet, and I think I've gone barely over 20mph at the most. I'm a little nervous after getting in that accident with my grandfather.. coming home from my first day at Driver's Ed.

That's all for now...

Happy Knitting, Crafting, and Staying Cool In The Summer Heat!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I bought over $150 worth of yarn today!!

hehe that title caught your eye now didn't it??!

well, i went to Jo Ann's today to pick up some things i had put on hold last night while i was working, and i am soo glad that i went because all of the yarn was 3 skeins for $1 ... yes one dollar so of course i went NUTS!! and obviously i didnt need any of it, but at that price when some of them were $5.99 a skein, it would have been just plain old stupid of me not to buy any... and just to make you wonder, im not going to say hoe much i ended up actually paying until the end of the post!!

Here's what i bought:

9 balls of Dolcetto yarn

-1 yellow
-1 lime
-2 purple
-2 blue
-3 peach

14 balls of Smania yarn (sorry it's not on the website)
~this yarn is really neat, its sort of like a ribbon yarn, except its also sort of verigated... it's very nice~

-4 in a pink/yellow/purple/green/orange color (very summery)
-4 in the same colors as said balls above, only a tad darker
-3 in a pink/purple/peach/redish tones
-3 in a teal/blue/light purple/dark purple tones

5 balls of Splendor yarn (sorry, again it's not on the website)

-all of these were in black, which has a thin almost threadlike piece of silver wrapped in with it

11 skeins of Angel Hair yarn

-7 in the black/white multi
-4 in the medium purple

that is a total of 39 balls/skeins of yarn... and it would have cost well over $150 .. said so on the cash register.. and guess, just guess how much it cost me?!?!


isnt that amazing? .. of course i bought other things as well, some discontinued home dec fabric samples, 2 no sew fleece blankets, and more... my mom and i figured out how much our total purchase would have cost, it would have cost us over $288 ... but with all the discounts it only cost us $23!! i am SHOCKED!! when i go into work tomorrow, if there is any left, i dont care what it is i am going to grab it and buy it lol... hopefully there will be some needles left that i can grab too

now, of course i didnt have anywhere to put all this yarn, so i had to go out and buy one of those air tight plastic containers that doesnt let light in, so it doesn't get discoloured or start to smell funky if i have to stash it in the basement.. and the container almost cost more then all of the yarn did!

well, that is all the knitting news that i have, other then that i have been working on my Branching Out scarf and it looks really good... my sister wants it but i told her no! .. maybe i will make her one with all of the yarn i just bought!

Happy Knitting to everyone!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

working at a store with yarn can be deadly!

well i have been officially working at Jo-Ann Fabrics for a week and a day!!

but i have spent probably way more then my first paycheck will give me lol

just today i bought 3 skeins of a green verigated Rainbow Boucle each skein is 853 yards, so that gives me 2,559!!! i want to make a pin-wheel blanket... for anyone who has made one.. is that enough???

i also bought i think 5 skeins or so of some yarn that is like a ribbon, i cant find it on the site, but its really cute...

and of course i've bought some awesome fabric, tule, a photo box which came out to be only 20 cents!!!

i haven't had time to knit lately though, i have driver's ed this week from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM every day this week, and ive been going into work for 5 .. until 9:30 ... so im pretty wipped, though i did do a couple rows during the premeire of Project Runway 3 last night.. which i am totally in love with that show!!

but i have to go study for my permit test tomorrow!!! i just wanted to do a quick update

wish me luck!!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

first day at my job!

today was my first day of work... and i am completely pooped from it

i worked 11-4, the same hours i have to work tomorrow.. they had me at the cutting station... you wouldn't believe how many people buy fabric on a wednesday!! my lord! one lady bought $150 worth of just fabric, and on top of that had like 2 other carts full of stuff.. it was NUTS!!

i get a 15% discount on anything in the store.. including sale and non sale items.. which makes me happy because i might just have to go shopping now! it was really hard for me to work and not pay attention to all the yarns and fabrics on sale.. but i made it lol
i am now literally like falling asleep so im going to go to bed so im not over tired for work tomorrow

i havent been knitting much lately.. not that i had time today though.. but its been hot and humid, like in the 80's and 90's but feels like a million degrees.. and let me tell you working with baby alpaca yarn makes it feel even hotter!! ive tried lol

until next time...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

yarn special!!

well, i went to Jo-Ann's Fabrics today, to apply for a job.. which i got!! my first job is working at a craft store.. what could be better than that??

anyway they were having a huge sale so my mom let me pick out some things as an early birthday present... heres what i bought

3 skeins of angel hair yarn
i got the white yarn with the black mixed it.. im planning on making the criss cross scarf from a recent episode of knitty gritty

i got one of these medium 'yarn tainers' ... not a yarn container a yarn tainer lol

i also got a large one... there were only two sizes.. but my mom bought me both!

i also got a pair of circular needles, a measuring tape and a little sewing accessory kit.. im very excited to start working there.. especially since everything is on sale and if i get an employee discount, i will be swimming in yarn!!

although i am going to try and get a job at LaceWings for the winter, since they dont hire in the summer

i did some work on my sleeve today, although the sticky humidity just made me feel like not doing anything.. thats about it though for updates

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

worked on my sweater sleeve today... thought i found a glitch in the pattern, but i just read it wrong...probably because i had been knitting for over an hour and had an extreme headache, but boy am i glad that i noticed when i did, or else i would have had to frog a whole lot more than i did!

im doing the increases, and its coming along nicely... dont know when ill be done, hopefully ill finish at least one by the end of this week, and the other sometime next week. then i can move onto the ribbing part at the back of the sweater that you have to do when the front two side panels are sewed to the back piece

thats it..

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

excellent bargain!

well, i convinced my mom to skip tanning today and to take me to the sidewalk sale at LaceWings... i got a good deal.. well i think so, and the lady said it was too, so ill go with it

i bought some lovely Baby Alpaca Brush yarn, two skeins for $3 a piece.. that was over half off, since they were originally $6.50 a piece

i got it in color 106 Fuschia.. i think its really pretty with the pink and purple mixed, which fits in well with the colors for Project Spectrum in July, which happen to be violet/purple. im going to make Branching Out from knitty's sping 05 issue... i cant wait, but first my goal is to finish my sweater for June.

and speaking of June, my sweet sixteen is June 30th, and only 13 days away! i am so excited, maybe ill get some more yarn for my birthday... that would be wonderful!

that's all the knitting news i have for today, when i was at LaceWings, i picked up the pair of size 6 circulars i need to continue with my sweater, so i can start up on that again... ill post with info later in the week

Happy Knitting!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sweater picture!!!

ok, well im supposed to be studying for my finals tomorrow, so this will have to be short....

but i have a picture of my sweater.. it was taken for school, ya know the project i was doing? anyway here it is..

it the back and the two frotn panels, pinned together with the brochure i made... which by the way on the whole project i got a 98 [i think thats what she told me anyway]

ok, ill post more later in the week, because i havent done any knitting with finals starting tomorrow im really stressed out, and completely exhausted but summer vacation is only 2 days away and i can just tell the couch, ac, and my knitting needles are calling me!

Happy Knitting everyone!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


ok, well i know i havent posted much, but i just dont think a knitting blog is any fun without pictures... but hopefully i will get my new computer soon and then my digital camera will download, and i will be able to bombard this here blog with pictures!!

anyway i finished the left side of my sweater! which means i technically have a vest right now lol.. .im working on the sleeves and then i have to finish and block it and im all set for fall

its due tomorrow for my fiber arts project, i didnt finish it but i think i did good, since i started it maybe like 2 months ago.. i dont remember ill have to look at posts and figure it out

its june, so im going to finish working on my sweater since this months color for Project Spectrum is blue... and then, im going to do the french market bag from knitty, or finish that jean bag i started a while back

i was finishing my brochure that goes along with my fiber arts project and found this cute little Garfield comic about knitting to put in it

i thought it was funny... my mom didnt really laugh when i showed her, but i guess maybe its because she doesnt really knit...oh well i got a little chuckle out of it

i recently went through all of my yarn stash and WIP's... i have a gajillion of them! i filled up two whole draws in my dresser, and one of them was just yarn for a afgan i started last summer, and then i have a little basket next to my bed of all WIP's, along with some bags of them next to the dresser, and large plastic tub in my basement of yarn... i am definetly a yarn-a-holic!

well thats all for now

Happy Knitting!

Friday, May 26, 2006

no pictures again.. i had a little brain fart and completely left my knitting at home this morning... i cant wait until i get my new computer over the summer and can use my own digital camera to take pictures

ive decided that i want a mohair sheep

isnt that sheep ADORABLE!!! i lovve it, i saw another picture in a magazine and the sheep had all those little curly-q's in his eyes.. adorable

not much news on the knitting front.. but to everyone else

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

sorry i still dont have pictures...

last friday when i got to school the power was out.. so there was no light to take pictures with...

ive finished my right side and am almost done with my left side.. i havent been knitting as much because i have finals coming up and what not, but i do what i can

im going to try and get pictures tomorrow... so lets hope

Happy Knitting

Thursday, May 18, 2006

sweater train

well.. im chugging along with my left sweater side!

im so excited... after this i have to make 2 sleeves.. its very, whats the word im looking for?

exhuberating.. hmm that doesnt sound right but i think you get my point lol

hopefully ill have pictures tomorrow because i can use the camera in school

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

no more pictures :-[

well, nobody is allowed to borrow the camera from the art department anymore... people keep bringing it back broken, so nobody is allowed to use it unless it is in the room.. so i guess there will be no more picture of my knitting unless i take them during class...

but the good news is, im getting a new computer over the summer so hopefully my digital camera will work in the new computer and then i will be able to post as many pictures as i want

onto the knitting news....

im almost done with the right front side of my sweater... its exciting its coming all together!!

today is mother's day.. i made a coupon for my mom for one free pair of hand knit socks with her choice of yarn and pattern... i didnt have time to knit them up, so i figured that would be the next best thing.. i also gave her a t-shirt, a pair of pj's, a car air freshener, some earings, and we were at an antique shop and she saw a little chef tea set so i bought it for her.. it looks real cute in the kitchen, the whole kitchen is chefs

thats about all the news i have... so happy mother's day to everybody whose a mom and..

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

sweater pictures

sorry for the delay in pictures i just havent been in the mood for taking them this weekend.. but i have some now..

here is my finished sweater back!

please excuse my 8 dpns holding the sweater to the carpet... it kept rolling and i couldnt think of any other way to get it to stay still

ive moved onto the right front section of the sweater, worked on it all last night - finished the ribbing and started the waist shaping- heres a picture:

there is not an exceptional amount done, but its what i have so far.. im going to be working on it for most of tonight, so maybe ill have quite a bit more finished before i go to school tomorrow

in other knitting news, i totally forgot that it was a new month for project spectrum! im a little late, but better late than never... i have no green yarn.. at least im pretty sure, and i wont have much time to work on any other project but my sweater because its for a school project as well, so i have no idea what im going to do this month... ill think about it.. maybe i could dye some yarn green.. hmmm

thats about it for this post... hopefully ill get quite a bit more done on the sweater tonight and post some more pictures before school tomorrow....if not then i guess i will have to post some boring all text posts! hehe

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

back finished!

a quick post...

i finished the back of my sweater! no pics tonight, but hopefully tomorrow if i can score the camera

ive moved onto the right front piece... this is exciting!

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

sweater stop sign

ive come to a point in my sweater pattern where i have absolutely no idea what to do... which is not good... so it looks like i wont be doing much of anything on it until i can get myself up to the library, or find someone who knows what they're doing

but i do have a picture, now dont get all excited lol its not of my sweater, but it is of something way cool.. take a look

you cant see the picture on my computer, so i dont know if other people can see it, but the link is here anyway... its a car covered completely with yarn!! i thought that was way neat.. i found it while i was looking for some pictures for my fiber arts brochure that i have to do with my sweater for the final project... which is coming along ok, other then the fact that i have no idea what to do now lol

thats about it really.. until next time though,

Happy Knitting

Sunday, April 30, 2006

no pictures this weekend...

i didnt bring the camera home from the art department this weekend, so i dont have any pictures.. but i do have news

i am almost finished with the sweater back, im halfway through with the armhole shaping!!

my mom brought me to a yarn store called LaceWings... ohh it was amazing.. they had all different types of yarn i have never seen, and patterns and oh i was in heaven lol!! im going to try and save some money to buy some sock yarn and what not.. but i cant wait until i go back

thats really all... hope everyone had a nice weekend

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

wisdom teeth surgery = lots of knitting progress!!

well.. i had my wisdom teeth taken out on thursday, so since then i havent been doing much but lying on the couch watching tv, reading, and knitting... which isnt so bad lol... i got quite a bit of knitting done too....

i have been working on this sweater pretty much non stop... and i think for starting it on what? tuesday... i think ive made some pretty good progress.. take a look
im almost done with the waist shaping.. i have to increase 2 more times and then im on to the armhole shaping... i didnt really notice it at first but then i saw it..... im assuming its supposed to be really subtle, which is good because it sure is!

i guess having your wisdom teeth pulled out and being stuck on the couch since thursday isnt such a bad thing when it comes to sweater making is it??

in other knitting news...
my sister was really sweet and bought me two knitting magazines to look at Creative Knitting, and Simply Knitting.... the Simply Knitting was a suprise for me, since i havent seen that one before.... it came with something free too... something callled a Mini Loopa... and i feel special because at the moment you can only buy these Loopas over in the UK, or i supposed if you buy the Simply Knitting magazine lol... anyway its this really cool thing where you wrap the yarn around, loop it up with more yarn, sew it and make a scarf... sounds a bit complicated but the results are pretty awesome!

neat huh?? it pretty much just makes a bunch of loops with the yarn and you tie it all together... im assuming that is why the contraption thing is called a Loopa... but anyway i made that on thursday... it took me all day because i kept falling asleep but it sort of took my mind off the pain in my mouth so all in all it was good!

the day before my surgery i also finished my Do Not Disturb from Knitty.... it didnt come out extreamly readable.. the Do and the Not did but the disturb is a bit tricky... but i think you just put two and two together and realize it says do not disturb... or maybe im wrong, but here is what it looks like

i guess you can read it ok... but i like it... and it is now proudly hanging on the door to my bedroom!

so i have completed two projects for this months Project Spectrum colors, which are orange and yellow... now i should get a head start on thinking about what i am going to make for May.... the color is green, i dont even thinki have green yarn... perfect excuse to go shopping though!!

well, i think im going to go do a bit more work on my sweater... so until next time

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

im making a sweater!!!

i am finally making a sweater!!! i am so excited that i am finally working my way up the knitting scale lol... i was not too sure if i was going to be able to make it because the yarn the pattern calls for was going to cost $110 but then i found a cheaper yarn that for like double the yardage cost me 11 dollars, so i think i made out pretty good... im using 2 skeins of Lion Brand pound of love baby yarn... its soft and it has the right guage so why not??

the yarn is not two toned.. thats my shadow, woops lol

i went to the craft store today with my mom for my final project of fiber arts.. and i picked up all this stuff for my sweater...

ok, well the only thing i picked up really was the yarn, and some things for my final project in fiber arts, which ill explain in a minute.. i just wanted to show this fancy picture i set up lol ... im using the Sesame from Mag Knits...i love it.... i cant tell if it has a hood on it, i guess it will sort be a sweater suprise then huh?

as you can see ive started on the sweater.. .im doing to 2x2 rib on the back section right now.. heres a close up of that
theres not too much done, about 6 rows i think, but well its progress i suppose

in other knitting news, im almost done with my do not disturb sign from knitty, i should be sewing it together tomorrow sometime... hopefully anyway...

about my final fiber arts project, we have to pick one topic and expand our knowledge in it and find out the history... obviously i chose knitting! im going to be making some wire stitch hangers, a bracelet out of wire, a spool-knitting device, and i might even have my sweater count for it.. im not sure but thats about it for this post... more tomorrow most likely...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

a bit of April PS knitting

well.... my drop stitch scarf is not coming out to my liking.. im thinking of undoing it actually, its not looking drop-stitchy if that makes sense... idk heres some pictures of that ...

thats just the pile of yarn for the scarf with the scarf and needles... i actually really like the way this picture came out...hmm lol

this is what it looks like unstretched.. its a little different in some sections, size wise anyway.. but thats because my tension changed

this is what it looks like when its stretched... i like it much better this way, but i cant figure out how to get it to look like that without... well stretching it..

anyway... onto cooler things lol.. i actually started making this just to use up some yellow yarn for Project Spectrum ... but i really like the way it came out... im not sure if this is classified as faire isle or intarsia but none-the-less it is very cool, well i think anyway... its the Do Not Disturb from Knitty's Summer '04 issue here are some pictures...

im really quite proud of myself... i know that sounds a bit dorky since to other knitter's they must be like.. puh-lease i could make that in 2 minutes... but i think i did good... i knit it up in about an hour and a half.. i was babysitting and i cast on around 9-ish and then i bound off around 10:30-ish i would say... now im in the process of knitting up the back.. then i have to knit the handle, block the pieces (which i have to look up how to do that because im not really sure if you can do it with acrylic yarn or not) and sew them together.. i would post a picture of what i have done but the website is not cooperating.. anyway its not much, but im planning on finishing it on the ride to the resturaunt tomorrow for Easter Brunch.. it takes roughly 30 minutes, so there and back i should finish, that is if i dont fall asleep on the way back .. hehe

in other news i found a pattern online for some Lace Bookmarks and then i went in a search in my stash of yarn and found this some yellow and white verigated crochet thread that was my Nanny's so i think im going to try and make one... i have a picture of the thread but its not letting me upload any more pictures, so tomorrow ill try again

until next time....

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April's Project Spectrum

This month's colors are Orange and Yellow.. since i dont have a camera at the moment to take pictures of orange and yellow things in my house, i put together a little block of some of my favorite yellow and orange things ... here it is

and possibly my most favorite thing that happens to be the color orange is Bailey, my cat ...

so there are my pictures of my orange and yellow items! ... since last month i made a sock for my project [ i still havent finished the other one though] i thought i would do something a little easier.... i decided im going to do a drop stitch scarf, ive always wanted to make one and i found in my stash i think it was 5 skeins of this really neat yarn that is brown and yellow and orange... it's fall colors and will make a nice decorative scarf... i dont know if im going to take the camera from art this weekend, but i might try to take it for my whole April Vacation, which is in just one more week!! thats about all i have for now, sorry no pictures of the scarf yet, but ill get some soon... until next time:

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

it's finished!!!

ok, well i just finished my first sock, EVER!!! i think it came out pretty good, for my first sock here are some pictures

the toe is the only part im not really sure if i like... i think it looks a little funny, its almost squared off, but its only on my big toe... maybe i binded off wrong, or did something wrong... but hey its still finished so ill deal with it!!

yes, when i bought needles to knot my sock, they were pin straight... now, well now they are all bent... i think mabye i need to breath a bit more when i knit... or at least when i knit socks.... i cant even guess how many i would have broken if they were wooden...

i worked on my sock last night while i was watching the Degrassi Yearbook Marathon.. its been on ALL weekend, its leading up to the premiere of the next season next friday at 8pm ... but other than working on my sock, i was working on my quilt... and someone decided they would be of great help to me.......

thats my cat Bailey... he decdied that he would help my by crawling in the quilt and going to sleep... yes, asleep.. he fell asleep for about an hour or two and i couldnt sew, because he was sitting on the quilt.... but ohh do i love him! isnt he cute?

thats about all for now... i havent been working on anything else other than this sock, but i need to find a project for April's Project Spectrum ... the colors are Orange and Yellow.... i dont have any of those colors... i also dont have money to buy yarn so i have no idea what im going to do.. but thats all for now, until next time.....

Happy Knitting!

Friday, March 31, 2006

it's almost finised!!

ok, i know im late and i didnt finish my project for this month's Project Spectrum color, but i worked my butt off and got pretty far... i think i have like 2 or 3 more rows to do and then im at 7 inches, which means i can start the toe!! im so excited, and i have no homework for the weekend so i can guarentee that one sock is definetly going to be completed! here are some progress pictures.. enjoy!

sorry, i didnt realize how bad of quality those pictures are... the lighting in my living room is a bit low, and its quite late... ill have better ones for tomorrow... but thats all for tonight because im pooped ...

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

i can make socks!

i am so proud of myself (i know that sounds a little conceited)... i can make socks!! ok well i havent actually completed the pair, or even on of the pair, but its still so exciting.. at least to me. maybe its because its the first pair of socks ive ever made... anyway

i spent 6 hours at the library on saturday working on my sock, Corrine, the lady who does the knitting class i go to, helped be do the heel flap and started me on turning the heel.. now ive finished both of those and am moving on to the foot part... i worked on it a bit more today, didnt get as far as i would have liked to but i still think i did quite a lot for starting on friday night... here are some pictures

this is a picture of the left side of the sock

this is the front of the sock

this is the right side of the sock

this is the back of the sock... see where the heel turns under?

as you can see there are some parts where theres like little loops of yarn sticking out....its because this yarn is 4-ply and comes undone really easy... i guess thats what i get for not using real sock yarn, but it doesnt make that big of deal anyway i suppose... i didnt want to ruin an $8 a skeain pair of socks, if i messed up.. but ow well ill live with it

thats all i have for now.. its pretty much what i spent my weekend doing, but it was way worth it, im so excited to get them done... maybe ill borrow the art camera again this weekend to upload pictures if i finish the socks, or even one.... i wanted to take one of those fancy pictures of the sock in progress on my foot, but im using 3 needles, and it wont fit on my foot... maybe when i get a bit more of the actual foot part done, but those pictures will have to do for now... im off to bed so i can rest up for school tomorrow... until next time....

Happy Knitting