Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am a slacker,

and a large one at that!

I have two days left of my school vacation and last night was the first time I knit - and even then I only did maybe 4 rows of my socks.

It is horrible.

Granted, I got myself a new digitalized sewing machine for Christmas so I have been sort of fooling around with that a bit, I had a friend sleep over for about three nights in a row, and basically I have just simply been enjoying the fact that I do not have to wake up before it is light outside to go somewhere. As well as the fact that I get to watch all those craft shows on HGTV and DIY Network that I miss while I'm in school.

Right now my camera is charging, but later on tonight I will post some pictures [and a list of things I need to finish next year!]

Until then, happy knitting!

1 comment:

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