Friday, March 31, 2006

it's almost finised!!

ok, i know im late and i didnt finish my project for this month's Project Spectrum color, but i worked my butt off and got pretty far... i think i have like 2 or 3 more rows to do and then im at 7 inches, which means i can start the toe!! im so excited, and i have no homework for the weekend so i can guarentee that one sock is definetly going to be completed! here are some progress pictures.. enjoy!

sorry, i didnt realize how bad of quality those pictures are... the lighting in my living room is a bit low, and its quite late... ill have better ones for tomorrow... but thats all for tonight because im pooped ...

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

i can make socks!

i am so proud of myself (i know that sounds a little conceited)... i can make socks!! ok well i havent actually completed the pair, or even on of the pair, but its still so exciting.. at least to me. maybe its because its the first pair of socks ive ever made... anyway

i spent 6 hours at the library on saturday working on my sock, Corrine, the lady who does the knitting class i go to, helped be do the heel flap and started me on turning the heel.. now ive finished both of those and am moving on to the foot part... i worked on it a bit more today, didnt get as far as i would have liked to but i still think i did quite a lot for starting on friday night... here are some pictures

this is a picture of the left side of the sock

this is the front of the sock

this is the right side of the sock

this is the back of the sock... see where the heel turns under?

as you can see there are some parts where theres like little loops of yarn sticking out....its because this yarn is 4-ply and comes undone really easy... i guess thats what i get for not using real sock yarn, but it doesnt make that big of deal anyway i suppose... i didnt want to ruin an $8 a skeain pair of socks, if i messed up.. but ow well ill live with it

thats all i have for now.. its pretty much what i spent my weekend doing, but it was way worth it, im so excited to get them done... maybe ill borrow the art camera again this weekend to upload pictures if i finish the socks, or even one.... i wanted to take one of those fancy pictures of the sock in progress on my foot, but im using 3 needles, and it wont fit on my foot... maybe when i get a bit more of the actual foot part done, but those pictures will have to do for now... im off to bed so i can rest up for school tomorrow... until next time....

Happy Knitting

Friday, March 24, 2006

ok well you know how i've been saying that i havent been really challenged with my knitting?? well i am definetly challenged now! i have just started my first ever pair of socks!!! they are ankle socks and are made of SUPER SOFT peachish/pinkish yarn...which fits in well with this month's color for Project Spectrum here are some pictures (i borrowed the camera from art again)

sorry, these are not the best pictures but for some reason the battery is running low again, so i did the best i could, also there is not great lighting in my kitchen

(excuse my cat's leg in this one.. he was being nosy and sniffing my hand)

this is a close up of what i have done so far, its not much... but thats because i had to restart after 4 rows because i messed up the ribbing, and also i keep dropping stitches like they're bad habits... it is very frustrating, but also very challenging, which i like!

i am still not quite sure how to turn the heel, so tomorrow i am going to the library to talk to the lady who teachers the knitting class, she helped me cast on and start so i will most likely end up spending the day there tomorrow

also, early this week, i think it was wednesday maybe, i had my first go at dying yarn with koolaid! it came out nice, although it does smell horribly like vinegar.. it came out a nice light pink color (im not sure if you can see it in the pictures)... some spots are darker or lighter than others but overall i think it came out good for my first try

again sorry about the quality of the pictures, but it's the best i can do

tomorrow night im going to be babysitting from 7PM to 1AM (1 being the earliest she comes home) so im pretty sure ill get quite a bit of that sock done! which i am excited about! but thats all i have for tonight until tomorrow...

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i havent been knitting much lately.. ive just gotten bored, not with knitting, but with the fact that i dont have anything challenging to do... but i have good news and a solution to that!

i just recently started babysitting for a lady who works at AcMoore!! she told me i can go in a make a list of things, and she'll buy them if i give her the money, but she'll use her employee discount, which is anywhere between 60% - 70% of EVERYTHING... so that includes regular shelf price, AND clearance items!!!

im super excited, because now im going to be able to do things that arent scarfs and bags... it gets a little borring i think... anyway

i ahve a semi-formal dance coming up and i think im going to make a little shrug type thing to wear over my dress, im thinking of using this pattern...

i think it is really pretty, and it doesnt look that hard to do.. my issue is just getting the yarn and having the time to make it, the dance is on April 7th... but with that employee's discount i can get at AcMoore, im hoping it wont cost me too much... but im going to ask my mom tonight if after school tomorrow she can bring me.. because if i can go and get at least one skein of what i need and have the lady i babysit for pull the others off the shelf and hold them for me, then well.. i can start going! especially since im going to be babysitting on saturday night from like 6:30-12:30-ish ... the kids go to bed at 7:30 and they dont have cable or a computer, so it looks like ill be knitting or reading.... so im hoping i can get that yarn and get a move on this little shrug thing!!

thats about it for now

Happy Knitting

Saturday, March 11, 2006

more pictures!!!

this is just a dishcloth im making for this months part of the Project Spectrum KAL... [click button on left side of blog for info] this months colors are reds and pinks, and well this is pink lol.. its using the same pattern as the pink/orange/yellow one i posted last night

this is that huge thing of undyed wool yarn i got at Building 19 for $3!!!! yes, all this for only $3! im planning on maybe doing a couple different color schemes, possibly a yellow/orange one, or blue/green... im not sure yet but i think i want to go and get more.. i also need to figure out how many yards are on this thing

this is a sweater that im going to attempt to unravel and salvage the yarn from... i found plenty of tutorials online but am still a little unsure of how to do it... but hey it was going to be thrown away anyway due to a hole in the side, so i figure if i mess it up.. its nothing too terible because it would have been garbage anyway

this is the start of my panta.. im on the 3rd section.. and i think it looks weird.... for some reason the ribbing has shifted over and i really think im doing it wrong... i have no idea though so i think ill just finish it, and if it comes out horrible then it will be a practice one

this is my harry potter scarf i made ... excuse the bit ofmess i have on my bed... as you can tell i didnt realize that you have to do the same number of rows in each section for all the little tiny strips to be on the same side.. but oh well i think it gives it character!

this is the Ireland flag scarf i made! i absolutely LOVE it! i still have to weave in the ends, but that will take all of 10 minutes maybe...hopefully it won't rain tomorrow and i can go to the St. Patrick's Day parade.. but if it does, then i will just wear it to school on friday ... heres a bit of a close up...

that is all the pictures i could take today, since the battery on the camera my art teacher let me borrow is dieing! im pretty sure thats all i wanted to take pictures of... but now that i think of it, i want to try and get a picture of my cabled square for my afghan, and some other things.. maybe ill do that tomorrow.. until then....

Happy Knitting!

P.S. if anybody reads this.. would you be so kind enough to comment and tell me what a FO means?? I've commented another knitter's blog and asked, but she has been quite rude to me, because i asked her to check out the pictures of my work... .anyway, that would be wonderful. thanks

pictures... ohh so many pictures!

FINALLY they're here!!! pictures!!!! without further ado.....

this is a picture of my finished oregon tote bag.... i actually ended up changing the pattern, it had really funky straps that went through the bag, and there were holes... i didnt like it, so i just binded off the edges and every other row on the side decreased until i liked the width and knit until they were the length i liked, and sewed them together... voila!!! ... heres a close up of the stitching/pattern, which i also through in there myself...pretty isnt it?? i love how its got that raised stitch almost on the corner... it does that on all four corners as well... thats actually the reason i decided not to felt it, because i like that stitch... but i am going to sew a lining into it so its a bit more sturdy

this is the felted cat toy i made from the winter issue of Vouge Knitting... it was really simple, im pretty sure it was just simple garter stitch, but it could have been stockinette, so dont hold me too it, but i just knit, then felted cut the shape out and sewed a little stitching along the edges, aded a little X for an eye and attached a long loopy string so it hangs from a doorknob... my cat absolutely LOVES it! ... heres a close up of the fish....

i think its cute....

this is just a picture of the dishcloth i made... i found my Grandmother's old pattern and that was actually the very first pattern i followed... anyway this is the pattern i used for the dishcloths i gave away at christmas, though i didnt get any pictures of those, so this will have to do

hmmm okay, the rest of my pictures wont upload... maybe you can only do so many pure post, im not sure... but i guess this will have to do for now, and ill post the rest tomorrow because it is quite late... i didnt realize what time it was... but until tomorrow.....

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

questionable knitting....

ive been working on a swish with a twist dishcloths from this months Creative Knitting magazine... im doing it right (at least im pretty sure) and its looking nothing like the picture.. maybe im knitting too loose or i just havent gotten far enough to notice it yet...

anyhooo onto happier news!! ive got a picture solution! since the CVS picture CD didnt work in my computer i still have no pictures, but there is a special digital camera at my school that records the pictures onto a floppy disk instead of a memory card... i brought one home today, only the floppy disk, not the actual camera to see if it worked, and it did!!! so now im going to borrow the schools camera for the weekend (permission has already been granted from my art teacher) and im going to take pictures of all things knitting!!! i am sooo excited... and just to show how excited, i am going to grant you, my faithful readers (i hope), the pleasure of a goof picture taken by my art teacher to see if the disk would work in my computer! here it is... moi!

there you go! not the best looking picture of me.. but hey its better then no picture right?? i think so too

other then that i am expecting to get pretty far in my panta tonight, since it is the finale of Project Runway... that is if i can get all the homework i have been putting off done before 10 PM!

until next time....

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 06, 2006

ok... i just finished binding off my Ireland Flag scarf.... it looks soo cool i absolutely love it! and not just because im Irish either lol... im actually thinking of making one in the colors of the Germany flag (im German as well) but im not too sure...

tomorrow, hopefully during study actually, im going to cast on for my panta!!! im soo excited!

and i also found a pattern for a dishcloth, with a checker-board effect to it, so i might try that as well for the March part of the Project Spectrum KAL

other than that... im counting down the days until i can hand dye some of that yarn!! im thinking of maybe doing some sort of orange/yellow verigated type thing... ill play around with it first

ohh, i almost forgot... i also started to cut my strips for the Injeanius which i am super excited about making as well... it will take quite a bit of time for me to finish though... i spent like 2 hours and i havent fully cut up 1 mid calf-ish length skirt.... it didnt produce that much 'yarn' either, but i think it will be worth it

thats it for now....

Happy Knitting! (comments appreciated)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

havent had much time to update, im swamped with projects for school...but im going to quickly update before i head off to bed

project spectrum has started!!! i am soo excited!

im just going to finish up a dishcloth/washcloth and them im starting my panta... hopefully there will still be some time left in march and i can finish the other dishcloths/washcloths... im sure there will be

almost done with my Ireland flag scarf... im on the green sripe, it looks AMAZING!!

still no pictures... i probably should call CVS and check about just getting the picture CD... yeah ill do that tomorrow

thats all the updates i have for now...

Happy Knitting!