Sunday, April 30, 2006

no pictures this weekend...

i didnt bring the camera home from the art department this weekend, so i dont have any pictures.. but i do have news

i am almost finished with the sweater back, im halfway through with the armhole shaping!!

my mom brought me to a yarn store called LaceWings... ohh it was amazing.. they had all different types of yarn i have never seen, and patterns and oh i was in heaven lol!! im going to try and save some money to buy some sock yarn and what not.. but i cant wait until i go back

thats really all... hope everyone had a nice weekend

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

wisdom teeth surgery = lots of knitting progress!!

well.. i had my wisdom teeth taken out on thursday, so since then i havent been doing much but lying on the couch watching tv, reading, and knitting... which isnt so bad lol... i got quite a bit of knitting done too....

i have been working on this sweater pretty much non stop... and i think for starting it on what? tuesday... i think ive made some pretty good progress.. take a look
im almost done with the waist shaping.. i have to increase 2 more times and then im on to the armhole shaping... i didnt really notice it at first but then i saw it..... im assuming its supposed to be really subtle, which is good because it sure is!

i guess having your wisdom teeth pulled out and being stuck on the couch since thursday isnt such a bad thing when it comes to sweater making is it??

in other knitting news...
my sister was really sweet and bought me two knitting magazines to look at Creative Knitting, and Simply Knitting.... the Simply Knitting was a suprise for me, since i havent seen that one before.... it came with something free too... something callled a Mini Loopa... and i feel special because at the moment you can only buy these Loopas over in the UK, or i supposed if you buy the Simply Knitting magazine lol... anyway its this really cool thing where you wrap the yarn around, loop it up with more yarn, sew it and make a scarf... sounds a bit complicated but the results are pretty awesome!

neat huh?? it pretty much just makes a bunch of loops with the yarn and you tie it all together... im assuming that is why the contraption thing is called a Loopa... but anyway i made that on thursday... it took me all day because i kept falling asleep but it sort of took my mind off the pain in my mouth so all in all it was good!

the day before my surgery i also finished my Do Not Disturb from Knitty.... it didnt come out extreamly readable.. the Do and the Not did but the disturb is a bit tricky... but i think you just put two and two together and realize it says do not disturb... or maybe im wrong, but here is what it looks like

i guess you can read it ok... but i like it... and it is now proudly hanging on the door to my bedroom!

so i have completed two projects for this months Project Spectrum colors, which are orange and yellow... now i should get a head start on thinking about what i am going to make for May.... the color is green, i dont even thinki have green yarn... perfect excuse to go shopping though!!

well, i think im going to go do a bit more work on my sweater... so until next time

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

im making a sweater!!!

i am finally making a sweater!!! i am so excited that i am finally working my way up the knitting scale lol... i was not too sure if i was going to be able to make it because the yarn the pattern calls for was going to cost $110 but then i found a cheaper yarn that for like double the yardage cost me 11 dollars, so i think i made out pretty good... im using 2 skeins of Lion Brand pound of love baby yarn... its soft and it has the right guage so why not??

the yarn is not two toned.. thats my shadow, woops lol

i went to the craft store today with my mom for my final project of fiber arts.. and i picked up all this stuff for my sweater...

ok, well the only thing i picked up really was the yarn, and some things for my final project in fiber arts, which ill explain in a minute.. i just wanted to show this fancy picture i set up lol ... im using the Sesame from Mag Knits...i love it.... i cant tell if it has a hood on it, i guess it will sort be a sweater suprise then huh?

as you can see ive started on the sweater.. .im doing to 2x2 rib on the back section right now.. heres a close up of that
theres not too much done, about 6 rows i think, but well its progress i suppose

in other knitting news, im almost done with my do not disturb sign from knitty, i should be sewing it together tomorrow sometime... hopefully anyway...

about my final fiber arts project, we have to pick one topic and expand our knowledge in it and find out the history... obviously i chose knitting! im going to be making some wire stitch hangers, a bracelet out of wire, a spool-knitting device, and i might even have my sweater count for it.. im not sure but thats about it for this post... more tomorrow most likely...

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

a bit of April PS knitting

well.... my drop stitch scarf is not coming out to my liking.. im thinking of undoing it actually, its not looking drop-stitchy if that makes sense... idk heres some pictures of that ...

thats just the pile of yarn for the scarf with the scarf and needles... i actually really like the way this picture came out...hmm lol

this is what it looks like unstretched.. its a little different in some sections, size wise anyway.. but thats because my tension changed

this is what it looks like when its stretched... i like it much better this way, but i cant figure out how to get it to look like that without... well stretching it..

anyway... onto cooler things lol.. i actually started making this just to use up some yellow yarn for Project Spectrum ... but i really like the way it came out... im not sure if this is classified as faire isle or intarsia but none-the-less it is very cool, well i think anyway... its the Do Not Disturb from Knitty's Summer '04 issue here are some pictures...

im really quite proud of myself... i know that sounds a bit dorky since to other knitter's they must be like.. puh-lease i could make that in 2 minutes... but i think i did good... i knit it up in about an hour and a half.. i was babysitting and i cast on around 9-ish and then i bound off around 10:30-ish i would say... now im in the process of knitting up the back.. then i have to knit the handle, block the pieces (which i have to look up how to do that because im not really sure if you can do it with acrylic yarn or not) and sew them together.. i would post a picture of what i have done but the website is not cooperating.. anyway its not much, but im planning on finishing it on the ride to the resturaunt tomorrow for Easter Brunch.. it takes roughly 30 minutes, so there and back i should finish, that is if i dont fall asleep on the way back .. hehe

in other news i found a pattern online for some Lace Bookmarks and then i went in a search in my stash of yarn and found this some yellow and white verigated crochet thread that was my Nanny's so i think im going to try and make one... i have a picture of the thread but its not letting me upload any more pictures, so tomorrow ill try again

until next time....

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April's Project Spectrum

This month's colors are Orange and Yellow.. since i dont have a camera at the moment to take pictures of orange and yellow things in my house, i put together a little block of some of my favorite yellow and orange things ... here it is

and possibly my most favorite thing that happens to be the color orange is Bailey, my cat ...

so there are my pictures of my orange and yellow items! ... since last month i made a sock for my project [ i still havent finished the other one though] i thought i would do something a little easier.... i decided im going to do a drop stitch scarf, ive always wanted to make one and i found in my stash i think it was 5 skeins of this really neat yarn that is brown and yellow and orange... it's fall colors and will make a nice decorative scarf... i dont know if im going to take the camera from art this weekend, but i might try to take it for my whole April Vacation, which is in just one more week!! thats about all i have for now, sorry no pictures of the scarf yet, but ill get some soon... until next time:

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

it's finished!!!

ok, well i just finished my first sock, EVER!!! i think it came out pretty good, for my first sock here are some pictures

the toe is the only part im not really sure if i like... i think it looks a little funny, its almost squared off, but its only on my big toe... maybe i binded off wrong, or did something wrong... but hey its still finished so ill deal with it!!

yes, when i bought needles to knot my sock, they were pin straight... now, well now they are all bent... i think mabye i need to breath a bit more when i knit... or at least when i knit socks.... i cant even guess how many i would have broken if they were wooden...

i worked on my sock last night while i was watching the Degrassi Yearbook Marathon.. its been on ALL weekend, its leading up to the premiere of the next season next friday at 8pm ... but other than working on my sock, i was working on my quilt... and someone decided they would be of great help to me.......

thats my cat Bailey... he decdied that he would help my by crawling in the quilt and going to sleep... yes, asleep.. he fell asleep for about an hour or two and i couldnt sew, because he was sitting on the quilt.... but ohh do i love him! isnt he cute?

thats about all for now... i havent been working on anything else other than this sock, but i need to find a project for April's Project Spectrum ... the colors are Orange and Yellow.... i dont have any of those colors... i also dont have money to buy yarn so i have no idea what im going to do.. but thats all for now, until next time.....

Happy Knitting!