Saturday, April 15, 2006

a bit of April PS knitting

well.... my drop stitch scarf is not coming out to my liking.. im thinking of undoing it actually, its not looking drop-stitchy if that makes sense... idk heres some pictures of that ...

thats just the pile of yarn for the scarf with the scarf and needles... i actually really like the way this picture came out...hmm lol

this is what it looks like unstretched.. its a little different in some sections, size wise anyway.. but thats because my tension changed

this is what it looks like when its stretched... i like it much better this way, but i cant figure out how to get it to look like that without... well stretching it..

anyway... onto cooler things lol.. i actually started making this just to use up some yellow yarn for Project Spectrum ... but i really like the way it came out... im not sure if this is classified as faire isle or intarsia but none-the-less it is very cool, well i think anyway... its the Do Not Disturb from Knitty's Summer '04 issue here are some pictures...

im really quite proud of myself... i know that sounds a bit dorky since to other knitter's they must be like.. puh-lease i could make that in 2 minutes... but i think i did good... i knit it up in about an hour and a half.. i was babysitting and i cast on around 9-ish and then i bound off around 10:30-ish i would say... now im in the process of knitting up the back.. then i have to knit the handle, block the pieces (which i have to look up how to do that because im not really sure if you can do it with acrylic yarn or not) and sew them together.. i would post a picture of what i have done but the website is not cooperating.. anyway its not much, but im planning on finishing it on the ride to the resturaunt tomorrow for Easter Brunch.. it takes roughly 30 minutes, so there and back i should finish, that is if i dont fall asleep on the way back .. hehe

in other news i found a pattern online for some Lace Bookmarks and then i went in a search in my stash of yarn and found this some yellow and white verigated crochet thread that was my Nanny's so i think im going to try and make one... i have a picture of the thread but its not letting me upload any more pictures, so tomorrow ill try again

until next time....

Happy Knitting!

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