Tuesday, April 18, 2006

im making a sweater!!!

i am finally making a sweater!!! i am so excited that i am finally working my way up the knitting scale lol... i was not too sure if i was going to be able to make it because the yarn the pattern calls for was going to cost $110 but then i found a cheaper yarn that for like double the yardage cost me 11 dollars, so i think i made out pretty good... im using 2 skeins of Lion Brand pound of love baby yarn... its soft and it has the right guage so why not??

the yarn is not two toned.. thats my shadow, woops lol

i went to the craft store today with my mom for my final project of fiber arts.. and i picked up all this stuff for my sweater...

ok, well the only thing i picked up really was the yarn, and some things for my final project in fiber arts, which ill explain in a minute.. i just wanted to show this fancy picture i set up lol ... im using the Sesame from Mag Knits...i love it.... i cant tell if it has a hood on it, i guess it will sort be a sweater suprise then huh?

as you can see ive started on the sweater.. .im doing to 2x2 rib on the back section right now.. heres a close up of that
theres not too much done, about 6 rows i think, but well its progress i suppose

in other knitting news, im almost done with my do not disturb sign from knitty, i should be sewing it together tomorrow sometime... hopefully anyway...

about my final fiber arts project, we have to pick one topic and expand our knowledge in it and find out the history... obviously i chose knitting! im going to be making some wire stitch hangers, a bracelet out of wire, a spool-knitting device, and i might even have my sweater count for it.. im not sure but thats about it for this post... more tomorrow most likely...

Happy Knitting!


Micky said...

Very cool! Your first sweater! That do not disturb sign is cute.
As for me, I am knitting the Celtic Dreams sweater from Black Water Abbey. Hopefully I will get my Mermaid kit sometime next month. It's gonna be an anniversary present, so I guess I have to wait at least until then to order it. I can't be pushy since he said I could get it. lol
Hope your project works out well.

Micky said...

Thanks for the nice comment.
I would love to see the progress on your sweater. I am sure you are doing a great job.