Saturday, April 22, 2006

wisdom teeth surgery = lots of knitting progress!!

well.. i had my wisdom teeth taken out on thursday, so since then i havent been doing much but lying on the couch watching tv, reading, and knitting... which isnt so bad lol... i got quite a bit of knitting done too....

i have been working on this sweater pretty much non stop... and i think for starting it on what? tuesday... i think ive made some pretty good progress.. take a look
im almost done with the waist shaping.. i have to increase 2 more times and then im on to the armhole shaping... i didnt really notice it at first but then i saw it..... im assuming its supposed to be really subtle, which is good because it sure is!

i guess having your wisdom teeth pulled out and being stuck on the couch since thursday isnt such a bad thing when it comes to sweater making is it??

in other knitting news...
my sister was really sweet and bought me two knitting magazines to look at Creative Knitting, and Simply Knitting.... the Simply Knitting was a suprise for me, since i havent seen that one before.... it came with something free too... something callled a Mini Loopa... and i feel special because at the moment you can only buy these Loopas over in the UK, or i supposed if you buy the Simply Knitting magazine lol... anyway its this really cool thing where you wrap the yarn around, loop it up with more yarn, sew it and make a scarf... sounds a bit complicated but the results are pretty awesome!

neat huh?? it pretty much just makes a bunch of loops with the yarn and you tie it all together... im assuming that is why the contraption thing is called a Loopa... but anyway i made that on thursday... it took me all day because i kept falling asleep but it sort of took my mind off the pain in my mouth so all in all it was good!

the day before my surgery i also finished my Do Not Disturb from Knitty.... it didnt come out extreamly readable.. the Do and the Not did but the disturb is a bit tricky... but i think you just put two and two together and realize it says do not disturb... or maybe im wrong, but here is what it looks like

i guess you can read it ok... but i like it... and it is now proudly hanging on the door to my bedroom!

so i have completed two projects for this months Project Spectrum colors, which are orange and yellow... now i should get a head start on thinking about what i am going to make for May.... the color is green, i dont even thinki have green yarn... perfect excuse to go shopping though!!

well, i think im going to go do a bit more work on my sweater... so until next time

Happy Knitting!


Micky said...

Wow that is a lot of progress! It looks great. And shaping usually is subtle. You don't want it to be too obvious. Can't wait to see more.
Your other projects look good too.

I know how you feel with your mouth. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out at the same time. I felt like a squirrel for a few days. And that is the perfect excuse to just sit and knit!

Anushka said...

I just wanted to say sorry for being so rude before.


And have fun with your jumper.