Friday, May 26, 2006

no pictures again.. i had a little brain fart and completely left my knitting at home this morning... i cant wait until i get my new computer over the summer and can use my own digital camera to take pictures

ive decided that i want a mohair sheep

isnt that sheep ADORABLE!!! i lovve it, i saw another picture in a magazine and the sheep had all those little curly-q's in his eyes.. adorable

not much news on the knitting front.. but to everyone else

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

sorry i still dont have pictures...

last friday when i got to school the power was out.. so there was no light to take pictures with...

ive finished my right side and am almost done with my left side.. i havent been knitting as much because i have finals coming up and what not, but i do what i can

im going to try and get pictures tomorrow... so lets hope

Happy Knitting

Thursday, May 18, 2006

sweater train

well.. im chugging along with my left sweater side!

im so excited... after this i have to make 2 sleeves.. its very, whats the word im looking for?

exhuberating.. hmm that doesnt sound right but i think you get my point lol

hopefully ill have pictures tomorrow because i can use the camera in school

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

no more pictures :-[

well, nobody is allowed to borrow the camera from the art department anymore... people keep bringing it back broken, so nobody is allowed to use it unless it is in the room.. so i guess there will be no more picture of my knitting unless i take them during class...

but the good news is, im getting a new computer over the summer so hopefully my digital camera will work in the new computer and then i will be able to post as many pictures as i want

onto the knitting news....

im almost done with the right front side of my sweater... its exciting its coming all together!!

today is mother's day.. i made a coupon for my mom for one free pair of hand knit socks with her choice of yarn and pattern... i didnt have time to knit them up, so i figured that would be the next best thing.. i also gave her a t-shirt, a pair of pj's, a car air freshener, some earings, and we were at an antique shop and she saw a little chef tea set so i bought it for her.. it looks real cute in the kitchen, the whole kitchen is chefs

thats about all the news i have... so happy mother's day to everybody whose a mom and..

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

sweater pictures

sorry for the delay in pictures i just havent been in the mood for taking them this weekend.. but i have some now..

here is my finished sweater back!

please excuse my 8 dpns holding the sweater to the carpet... it kept rolling and i couldnt think of any other way to get it to stay still

ive moved onto the right front section of the sweater, worked on it all last night - finished the ribbing and started the waist shaping- heres a picture:

there is not an exceptional amount done, but its what i have so far.. im going to be working on it for most of tonight, so maybe ill have quite a bit more finished before i go to school tomorrow

in other knitting news, i totally forgot that it was a new month for project spectrum! im a little late, but better late than never... i have no green yarn.. at least im pretty sure, and i wont have much time to work on any other project but my sweater because its for a school project as well, so i have no idea what im going to do this month... ill think about it.. maybe i could dye some yarn green.. hmmm

thats about it for this post... hopefully ill get quite a bit more done on the sweater tonight and post some more pictures before school tomorrow....if not then i guess i will have to post some boring all text posts! hehe

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

back finished!

a quick post...

i finished the back of my sweater! no pics tonight, but hopefully tomorrow if i can score the camera

ive moved onto the right front piece... this is exciting!

Happy Knitting

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

sweater stop sign

ive come to a point in my sweater pattern where i have absolutely no idea what to do... which is not good... so it looks like i wont be doing much of anything on it until i can get myself up to the library, or find someone who knows what they're doing

but i do have a picture, now dont get all excited lol its not of my sweater, but it is of something way cool.. take a look

you cant see the picture on my computer, so i dont know if other people can see it, but the link is here anyway... its a car covered completely with yarn!! i thought that was way neat.. i found it while i was looking for some pictures for my fiber arts brochure that i have to do with my sweater for the final project... which is coming along ok, other then the fact that i have no idea what to do now lol

thats about it really.. until next time though,

Happy Knitting