Sunday, May 14, 2006

no more pictures :-[

well, nobody is allowed to borrow the camera from the art department anymore... people keep bringing it back broken, so nobody is allowed to use it unless it is in the room.. so i guess there will be no more picture of my knitting unless i take them during class...

but the good news is, im getting a new computer over the summer so hopefully my digital camera will work in the new computer and then i will be able to post as many pictures as i want

onto the knitting news....

im almost done with the right front side of my sweater... its exciting its coming all together!!

today is mother's day.. i made a coupon for my mom for one free pair of hand knit socks with her choice of yarn and pattern... i didnt have time to knit them up, so i figured that would be the next best thing.. i also gave her a t-shirt, a pair of pj's, a car air freshener, some earings, and we were at an antique shop and she saw a little chef tea set so i bought it for her.. it looks real cute in the kitchen, the whole kitchen is chefs

thats about all the news i have... so happy mother's day to everybody whose a mom and..

Happy Knitting!

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Micky said...

Well hope you can get your pictures soon. I can't wait to see your sweater shaping up.