Saturday, June 24, 2006

yarn special!!

well, i went to Jo-Ann's Fabrics today, to apply for a job.. which i got!! my first job is working at a craft store.. what could be better than that??

anyway they were having a huge sale so my mom let me pick out some things as an early birthday present... heres what i bought

3 skeins of angel hair yarn
i got the white yarn with the black mixed it.. im planning on making the criss cross scarf from a recent episode of knitty gritty

i got one of these medium 'yarn tainers' ... not a yarn container a yarn tainer lol

i also got a large one... there were only two sizes.. but my mom bought me both!

i also got a pair of circular needles, a measuring tape and a little sewing accessory kit.. im very excited to start working there.. especially since everything is on sale and if i get an employee discount, i will be swimming in yarn!!

although i am going to try and get a job at LaceWings for the winter, since they dont hire in the summer

i did some work on my sleeve today, although the sticky humidity just made me feel like not doing anything.. thats about it though for updates

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

worked on my sweater sleeve today... thought i found a glitch in the pattern, but i just read it wrong...probably because i had been knitting for over an hour and had an extreme headache, but boy am i glad that i noticed when i did, or else i would have had to frog a whole lot more than i did!

im doing the increases, and its coming along nicely... dont know when ill be done, hopefully ill finish at least one by the end of this week, and the other sometime next week. then i can move onto the ribbing part at the back of the sweater that you have to do when the front two side panels are sewed to the back piece

thats it..

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

excellent bargain!

well, i convinced my mom to skip tanning today and to take me to the sidewalk sale at LaceWings... i got a good deal.. well i think so, and the lady said it was too, so ill go with it

i bought some lovely Baby Alpaca Brush yarn, two skeins for $3 a piece.. that was over half off, since they were originally $6.50 a piece

i got it in color 106 Fuschia.. i think its really pretty with the pink and purple mixed, which fits in well with the colors for Project Spectrum in July, which happen to be violet/purple. im going to make Branching Out from knitty's sping 05 issue... i cant wait, but first my goal is to finish my sweater for June.

and speaking of June, my sweet sixteen is June 30th, and only 13 days away! i am so excited, maybe ill get some more yarn for my birthday... that would be wonderful!

that's all the knitting news i have for today, when i was at LaceWings, i picked up the pair of size 6 circulars i need to continue with my sweater, so i can start up on that again... ill post with info later in the week

Happy Knitting!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sweater picture!!!

ok, well im supposed to be studying for my finals tomorrow, so this will have to be short....

but i have a picture of my sweater.. it was taken for school, ya know the project i was doing? anyway here it is..

it the back and the two frotn panels, pinned together with the brochure i made... which by the way on the whole project i got a 98 [i think thats what she told me anyway]

ok, ill post more later in the week, because i havent done any knitting with finals starting tomorrow im really stressed out, and completely exhausted but summer vacation is only 2 days away and i can just tell the couch, ac, and my knitting needles are calling me!

Happy Knitting everyone!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


ok, well i know i havent posted much, but i just dont think a knitting blog is any fun without pictures... but hopefully i will get my new computer soon and then my digital camera will download, and i will be able to bombard this here blog with pictures!!

anyway i finished the left side of my sweater! which means i technically have a vest right now lol.. .im working on the sleeves and then i have to finish and block it and im all set for fall

its due tomorrow for my fiber arts project, i didnt finish it but i think i did good, since i started it maybe like 2 months ago.. i dont remember ill have to look at posts and figure it out

its june, so im going to finish working on my sweater since this months color for Project Spectrum is blue... and then, im going to do the french market bag from knitty, or finish that jean bag i started a while back

i was finishing my brochure that goes along with my fiber arts project and found this cute little Garfield comic about knitting to put in it

i thought it was funny... my mom didnt really laugh when i showed her, but i guess maybe its because she doesnt really knit...oh well i got a little chuckle out of it

i recently went through all of my yarn stash and WIP's... i have a gajillion of them! i filled up two whole draws in my dresser, and one of them was just yarn for a afgan i started last summer, and then i have a little basket next to my bed of all WIP's, along with some bags of them next to the dresser, and large plastic tub in my basement of yarn... i am definetly a yarn-a-holic!

well thats all for now

Happy Knitting!