Sunday, June 11, 2006


ok, well i know i havent posted much, but i just dont think a knitting blog is any fun without pictures... but hopefully i will get my new computer soon and then my digital camera will download, and i will be able to bombard this here blog with pictures!!

anyway i finished the left side of my sweater! which means i technically have a vest right now lol.. .im working on the sleeves and then i have to finish and block it and im all set for fall

its due tomorrow for my fiber arts project, i didnt finish it but i think i did good, since i started it maybe like 2 months ago.. i dont remember ill have to look at posts and figure it out

its june, so im going to finish working on my sweater since this months color for Project Spectrum is blue... and then, im going to do the french market bag from knitty, or finish that jean bag i started a while back

i was finishing my brochure that goes along with my fiber arts project and found this cute little Garfield comic about knitting to put in it

i thought it was funny... my mom didnt really laugh when i showed her, but i guess maybe its because she doesnt really knit...oh well i got a little chuckle out of it

i recently went through all of my yarn stash and WIP's... i have a gajillion of them! i filled up two whole draws in my dresser, and one of them was just yarn for a afgan i started last summer, and then i have a little basket next to my bed of all WIP's, along with some bags of them next to the dresser, and large plastic tub in my basement of yarn... i am definetly a yarn-a-holic!

well thats all for now

Happy Knitting!

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