Thursday, February 23, 2006

alright... i finally finished the felted cat toy... and Bailey loves it!! he jumps up and catches it, drags it around the house...i just need to capture some pictures and go get a picture CD to put them on here

ive been thinking about the project spectrum KAL and i think i finally figured out what im going to do for each month, or a round about...

march - i have some cotton yarn that has pinks and reds in it so im going to make some washcloths

april- i want to try and make a pair of soft yellow ankle socks, but if i dont have money for the yarn and needles then im going to try dying this wool yarn i bought... that should be an interesting project

may- i think i am going to try and do my trinity stitch triangles and squares this month, so they get done
june- since i already have the yarn and everything made for it i think im going to finally make the french market bag....seeing as how i dont have much time now

july- i have no idea... maybe ill come up with something while im working on my other projects

august- im going to try and get all the pieces for my patchwork afghan and sew it all together

so thats it... i have nothing to do until next week though.... i dont want to start anything early... hmm ill have to go scrounge up some scraps and make something...

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

my first ever KAL!!!

ok, well i've been feel a little outgoing lately, so i decided to go along and sign up for a knit-along! and i did... ive joined project spectrum, which is you knit, or craft a project in a different color each month.... heres the plan

March - Red and Pink
April - Orange and Yellow
May - Green
June - Blue
July - Violet / Purple
August - Neutrals / Black & White

im thinking that maybe ill switch march and may, seeing as how im irish and all i could do a little St. Patrick's Day type of project... but who knows? or maybe i should just stick to the plan seeing as how i have never participated in a kint-along before... yes i think thats what i will do

other than that i have continued working on my afghan squares, not coming along too good because i do tend to get a bit bored quickly with those, but it will get done.... eventually

thats about all the updating i have for now... im going to take some pictures of things ive knitted with my camera because some friend of my moms is coming over to finally fix the computer today!!!! i am so excited, but if for some reason the camera still wont work, ill just go to CVS and get a picture cd and do it that way... but until next time....

Happy Knitting

Sunday, February 12, 2006

its done!!!

ok i finished my first ever non completely flat non scarf knitting project!!!!

the bag came out soo cute, it sort of ended up looking like the hobo/saddle bag style and i LOVE it!!! i might make one like it and felt it.... not to sure

im going to sew in a lining and find a really funky button to put on it and its fully done, but the knitting part is all complete im so proud of myself!

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

oregon tote madness!!!

i have been knitting like a crazy women on this tote bag! its coming out really neat its in a rust-colored orange and then for a little color i added my own design [3 rows forest green, 1 light blue, 3 rows forest green, 1 light blue, 2 rows forest green] and then i continued with the rust again.. its coming out really nice... i have to finish up this skein of rust, which im planning to do today because i have no homework and there are 2 episodes of L&O coming on!! and then im going to do the straps.... but thats a little complicated because theres 4 markers on the round, and in between each set of 2 is 20 stitches, that lets you know that those are the sides... so im trying to figure out if i can bind off the stitches not inside those markers and then just continue with the 20 stitches inside to make the decrease one every other row or something until i get to 10 or however i like it.... ive never made a bag before so this is all new to me... im also supposed to felt it, but i really like it the way it is so i might just end up sewing a cloth lining and keeping it the way it is... but my shows are starting, so im going to work on that bag... until next time,

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

wow i havent updated in quite a bit...

well my knitting ADD has kicked in again so instead of just working on my afghan ive ventured off to some different projects... i've started a felted cat toy from the vouge knitting magazine, im pretty sure its like winter 2006 or something... and ive started a oregon felted tote bag thing, i got both of these patterns from my fiber arts teacher... so far their coming out pretty good

i just get so bored with working on the same thing all the time... but i have having a gazillion projects to work on because i can never decide which one i want to work on... but ill figure it out

my fiber arts class ended up donating about 30 scarfs to my library for the homeless shelter in Providence... i was very happy that they turned out so good... granted some of them were very small, but even a small scarf is better than no scarf in the winter

when i go to school tomorrow im going to ask my art teacher to borrrow the digital camera so i can take pictures of the things im knitting... hopefully she will say yes and ill have pictures on tuesday, but until then....

Happy Knitting (comments always appreciated!)