Wednesday, February 08, 2006

oregon tote madness!!!

i have been knitting like a crazy women on this tote bag! its coming out really neat its in a rust-colored orange and then for a little color i added my own design [3 rows forest green, 1 light blue, 3 rows forest green, 1 light blue, 2 rows forest green] and then i continued with the rust again.. its coming out really nice... i have to finish up this skein of rust, which im planning to do today because i have no homework and there are 2 episodes of L&O coming on!! and then im going to do the straps.... but thats a little complicated because theres 4 markers on the round, and in between each set of 2 is 20 stitches, that lets you know that those are the sides... so im trying to figure out if i can bind off the stitches not inside those markers and then just continue with the 20 stitches inside to make the decrease one every other row or something until i get to 10 or however i like it.... ive never made a bag before so this is all new to me... im also supposed to felt it, but i really like it the way it is so i might just end up sewing a cloth lining and keeping it the way it is... but my shows are starting, so im going to work on that bag... until next time,

Happy Knitting!

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