Sunday, February 05, 2006

wow i havent updated in quite a bit...

well my knitting ADD has kicked in again so instead of just working on my afghan ive ventured off to some different projects... i've started a felted cat toy from the vouge knitting magazine, im pretty sure its like winter 2006 or something... and ive started a oregon felted tote bag thing, i got both of these patterns from my fiber arts teacher... so far their coming out pretty good

i just get so bored with working on the same thing all the time... but i have having a gazillion projects to work on because i can never decide which one i want to work on... but ill figure it out

my fiber arts class ended up donating about 30 scarfs to my library for the homeless shelter in Providence... i was very happy that they turned out so good... granted some of them were very small, but even a small scarf is better than no scarf in the winter

when i go to school tomorrow im going to ask my art teacher to borrrow the digital camera so i can take pictures of the things im knitting... hopefully she will say yes and ill have pictures on tuesday, but until then....

Happy Knitting (comments always appreciated!)

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