Thursday, February 23, 2006

alright... i finally finished the felted cat toy... and Bailey loves it!! he jumps up and catches it, drags it around the house...i just need to capture some pictures and go get a picture CD to put them on here

ive been thinking about the project spectrum KAL and i think i finally figured out what im going to do for each month, or a round about...

march - i have some cotton yarn that has pinks and reds in it so im going to make some washcloths

april- i want to try and make a pair of soft yellow ankle socks, but if i dont have money for the yarn and needles then im going to try dying this wool yarn i bought... that should be an interesting project

may- i think i am going to try and do my trinity stitch triangles and squares this month, so they get done
june- since i already have the yarn and everything made for it i think im going to finally make the french market bag....seeing as how i dont have much time now

july- i have no idea... maybe ill come up with something while im working on my other projects

august- im going to try and get all the pieces for my patchwork afghan and sew it all together

so thats it... i have nothing to do until next week though.... i dont want to start anything early... hmm ill have to go scrounge up some scraps and make something...

Happy Knitting!

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