Saturday, June 17, 2006

excellent bargain!

well, i convinced my mom to skip tanning today and to take me to the sidewalk sale at LaceWings... i got a good deal.. well i think so, and the lady said it was too, so ill go with it

i bought some lovely Baby Alpaca Brush yarn, two skeins for $3 a piece.. that was over half off, since they were originally $6.50 a piece

i got it in color 106 Fuschia.. i think its really pretty with the pink and purple mixed, which fits in well with the colors for Project Spectrum in July, which happen to be violet/purple. im going to make Branching Out from knitty's sping 05 issue... i cant wait, but first my goal is to finish my sweater for June.

and speaking of June, my sweet sixteen is June 30th, and only 13 days away! i am so excited, maybe ill get some more yarn for my birthday... that would be wonderful!

that's all the knitting news i have for today, when i was at LaceWings, i picked up the pair of size 6 circulars i need to continue with my sweater, so i can start up on that again... ill post with info later in the week

Happy Knitting!!

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Micky said...

Well happy early b-day! I hope you do get more yarn and maybe some knitting goodies too.
You can always tell people just to get you gift cards from the yarn/craft stores. Then you don't have to feel guilty at all about how much you spend!
Hope you get your sweater done soon so you can get started on the lace.