Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April's Project Spectrum

This month's colors are Orange and Yellow.. since i dont have a camera at the moment to take pictures of orange and yellow things in my house, i put together a little block of some of my favorite yellow and orange things ... here it is

and possibly my most favorite thing that happens to be the color orange is Bailey, my cat ...

so there are my pictures of my orange and yellow items! ... since last month i made a sock for my project [ i still havent finished the other one though] i thought i would do something a little easier.... i decided im going to do a drop stitch scarf, ive always wanted to make one and i found in my stash i think it was 5 skeins of this really neat yarn that is brown and yellow and orange... it's fall colors and will make a nice decorative scarf... i dont know if im going to take the camera from art this weekend, but i might try to take it for my whole April Vacation, which is in just one more week!! thats about all i have for now, sorry no pictures of the scarf yet, but ill get some soon... until next time:

Happy Knitting!

1 comment:

Micky said...

So cute to include rubber duckies!
And great job on that sock! Just so you know, alot of sock patterns tend to square off. Just depends on how the pattern is written. And you will loosen up now that you know you can make socks.
Just don't get into the second-sock syndrome. I will be rooting for you to finish it too.