Friday, March 24, 2006

ok well you know how i've been saying that i havent been really challenged with my knitting?? well i am definetly challenged now! i have just started my first ever pair of socks!!! they are ankle socks and are made of SUPER SOFT peachish/pinkish yarn...which fits in well with this month's color for Project Spectrum here are some pictures (i borrowed the camera from art again)

sorry, these are not the best pictures but for some reason the battery is running low again, so i did the best i could, also there is not great lighting in my kitchen

(excuse my cat's leg in this one.. he was being nosy and sniffing my hand)

this is a close up of what i have done so far, its not much... but thats because i had to restart after 4 rows because i messed up the ribbing, and also i keep dropping stitches like they're bad habits... it is very frustrating, but also very challenging, which i like!

i am still not quite sure how to turn the heel, so tomorrow i am going to the library to talk to the lady who teachers the knitting class, she helped me cast on and start so i will most likely end up spending the day there tomorrow

also, early this week, i think it was wednesday maybe, i had my first go at dying yarn with koolaid! it came out nice, although it does smell horribly like vinegar.. it came out a nice light pink color (im not sure if you can see it in the pictures)... some spots are darker or lighter than others but overall i think it came out good for my first try

again sorry about the quality of the pictures, but it's the best i can do

tomorrow night im going to be babysitting from 7PM to 1AM (1 being the earliest she comes home) so im pretty sure ill get quite a bit of that sock done! which i am excited about! but thats all i have for tonight until tomorrow...

Happy Knitting!


.~Sarah~. said...

You're on google!! Seriously, if you search for "the stitching hour" your blog comes up as the top result!!

In other news, I love your koolaid yarn!

Coleen said...

Good luck with the socks! Once you get the hang of it, knitting socks is very fun. Especially turning the heel!