Wednesday, March 22, 2006

i havent been knitting much lately.. ive just gotten bored, not with knitting, but with the fact that i dont have anything challenging to do... but i have good news and a solution to that!

i just recently started babysitting for a lady who works at AcMoore!! she told me i can go in a make a list of things, and she'll buy them if i give her the money, but she'll use her employee discount, which is anywhere between 60% - 70% of EVERYTHING... so that includes regular shelf price, AND clearance items!!!

im super excited, because now im going to be able to do things that arent scarfs and bags... it gets a little borring i think... anyway

i ahve a semi-formal dance coming up and i think im going to make a little shrug type thing to wear over my dress, im thinking of using this pattern...

i think it is really pretty, and it doesnt look that hard to do.. my issue is just getting the yarn and having the time to make it, the dance is on April 7th... but with that employee's discount i can get at AcMoore, im hoping it wont cost me too much... but im going to ask my mom tonight if after school tomorrow she can bring me.. because if i can go and get at least one skein of what i need and have the lady i babysit for pull the others off the shelf and hold them for me, then well.. i can start going! especially since im going to be babysitting on saturday night from like 6:30-12:30-ish ... the kids go to bed at 7:30 and they dont have cable or a computer, so it looks like ill be knitting or reading.... so im hoping i can get that yarn and get a move on this little shrug thing!!

thats about it for now

Happy Knitting


Micky said...

That is so great about the discount you will get. Lucky you!
And about the Hermione hat, no it wasn't all that hard. Bobbles aren't hard they just take a little patience. The patterns are really well written and easy to follow. I am sure you will like doing them.

.~Sarah~. said...

Pretty much what I've been working on is a little monkey stuffed animal for my brother. It's an IOU for his brithday which was in February. I'm also writing the pattern, so it's pretty slow.