Saturday, March 11, 2006

more pictures!!!

this is just a dishcloth im making for this months part of the Project Spectrum KAL... [click button on left side of blog for info] this months colors are reds and pinks, and well this is pink lol.. its using the same pattern as the pink/orange/yellow one i posted last night

this is that huge thing of undyed wool yarn i got at Building 19 for $3!!!! yes, all this for only $3! im planning on maybe doing a couple different color schemes, possibly a yellow/orange one, or blue/green... im not sure yet but i think i want to go and get more.. i also need to figure out how many yards are on this thing

this is a sweater that im going to attempt to unravel and salvage the yarn from... i found plenty of tutorials online but am still a little unsure of how to do it... but hey it was going to be thrown away anyway due to a hole in the side, so i figure if i mess it up.. its nothing too terible because it would have been garbage anyway

this is the start of my panta.. im on the 3rd section.. and i think it looks weird.... for some reason the ribbing has shifted over and i really think im doing it wrong... i have no idea though so i think ill just finish it, and if it comes out horrible then it will be a practice one

this is my harry potter scarf i made ... excuse the bit ofmess i have on my bed... as you can tell i didnt realize that you have to do the same number of rows in each section for all the little tiny strips to be on the same side.. but oh well i think it gives it character!

this is the Ireland flag scarf i made! i absolutely LOVE it! i still have to weave in the ends, but that will take all of 10 minutes maybe...hopefully it won't rain tomorrow and i can go to the St. Patrick's Day parade.. but if it does, then i will just wear it to school on friday ... heres a bit of a close up...

that is all the pictures i could take today, since the battery on the camera my art teacher let me borrow is dieing! im pretty sure thats all i wanted to take pictures of... but now that i think of it, i want to try and get a picture of my cabled square for my afghan, and some other things.. maybe ill do that tomorrow.. until then....

Happy Knitting!

P.S. if anybody reads this.. would you be so kind enough to comment and tell me what a FO means?? I've commented another knitter's blog and asked, but she has been quite rude to me, because i asked her to check out the pictures of my work... .anyway, that would be wonderful. thanks


.~Sarah~. said...

Hey Jessica! Well, an FO is a finished object something you're all done knitting. How rude! Just because you're sharing your blog with her. For only $3... wow. I uploaded the pictures a different way, and they worked. Also, I haven't been doing much knitting lately, except for making my brother a long overdue birthday present and some knitted bracelets to sell at a store where I live. Check out my blog for pictures! (That was a long comment)

LittleMissMeshell said...

You've been busy! :)
What a steal for $3, I can't wait to see what you come up with colour-wise. Oh and I Looovvve Harry Potter scarves, great job :))
MissMeshell xx

Micky said...

Congrats on the finish of your Harry Potter scarf!

.~Sarah~. said...

Oh yeah... I forgot to comment on the scarf in my long comment. You're finally done! WOOHOO! Scarf party! It turned out great!

.~Sarah~. said...

I really want to see how you do with dying your yarn with coolade, I've alwayse wanted to do that :).