Sunday, March 26, 2006

i can make socks!

i am so proud of myself (i know that sounds a little conceited)... i can make socks!! ok well i havent actually completed the pair, or even on of the pair, but its still so exciting.. at least to me. maybe its because its the first pair of socks ive ever made... anyway

i spent 6 hours at the library on saturday working on my sock, Corrine, the lady who does the knitting class i go to, helped be do the heel flap and started me on turning the heel.. now ive finished both of those and am moving on to the foot part... i worked on it a bit more today, didnt get as far as i would have liked to but i still think i did quite a lot for starting on friday night... here are some pictures

this is a picture of the left side of the sock

this is the front of the sock

this is the right side of the sock

this is the back of the sock... see where the heel turns under?

as you can see there are some parts where theres like little loops of yarn sticking out....its because this yarn is 4-ply and comes undone really easy... i guess thats what i get for not using real sock yarn, but it doesnt make that big of deal anyway i suppose... i didnt want to ruin an $8 a skeain pair of socks, if i messed up.. but ow well ill live with it

thats all i have for now.. its pretty much what i spent my weekend doing, but it was way worth it, im so excited to get them done... maybe ill borrow the art camera again this weekend to upload pictures if i finish the socks, or even one.... i wanted to take one of those fancy pictures of the sock in progress on my foot, but im using 3 needles, and it wont fit on my foot... maybe when i get a bit more of the actual foot part done, but those pictures will have to do for now... im off to bed so i can rest up for school tomorrow... until next time....

Happy Knitting

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Lynda said...

Hey Jessica - very cool sock! You can definitely Join Count Your socks... I'll get you added, probably tomorrow!