Monday, March 06, 2006

ok... i just finished binding off my Ireland Flag scarf.... it looks soo cool i absolutely love it! and not just because im Irish either lol... im actually thinking of making one in the colors of the Germany flag (im German as well) but im not too sure...

tomorrow, hopefully during study actually, im going to cast on for my panta!!! im soo excited!

and i also found a pattern for a dishcloth, with a checker-board effect to it, so i might try that as well for the March part of the Project Spectrum KAL

other than that... im counting down the days until i can hand dye some of that yarn!! im thinking of maybe doing some sort of orange/yellow verigated type thing... ill play around with it first

ohh, i almost forgot... i also started to cut my strips for the Injeanius which i am super excited about making as well... it will take quite a bit of time for me to finish though... i spent like 2 hours and i havent fully cut up 1 mid calf-ish length skirt.... it didnt produce that much 'yarn' either, but i think it will be worth it

thats it for now....

Happy Knitting! (comments appreciated)

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