Wednesday, July 05, 2006

first day at my job!

today was my first day of work... and i am completely pooped from it

i worked 11-4, the same hours i have to work tomorrow.. they had me at the cutting station... you wouldn't believe how many people buy fabric on a wednesday!! my lord! one lady bought $150 worth of just fabric, and on top of that had like 2 other carts full of stuff.. it was NUTS!!

i get a 15% discount on anything in the store.. including sale and non sale items.. which makes me happy because i might just have to go shopping now! it was really hard for me to work and not pay attention to all the yarns and fabrics on sale.. but i made it lol
i am now literally like falling asleep so im going to go to bed so im not over tired for work tomorrow

i havent been knitting much lately.. not that i had time today though.. but its been hot and humid, like in the 80's and 90's but feels like a million degrees.. and let me tell you working with baby alpaca yarn makes it feel even hotter!! ive tried lol

until next time...

Happy Knitting!

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