Tuesday, August 15, 2006

pedi socks

Well, I finished a second cable square for my afghan, and now I realize why I put them down and just picked them up from last summer/fall. Because doing about 15 repeats of the same pattern gets borring...so to break it up a little bit I...

Casted on for Knitty's Pedicure Socks. My mom is big into getting them every other week right now. She has some nerve damage in her foot, and the guy that gives her the pedicures apparently does some reflexology massage or something and its really helping it. I got her a gift certificate for a pedicure for her birthday [which is tomorrow!], but I figured that in the winter time these would be perfect for her. With just my luck I just bought that sock yarn she likes too [the brown/blue pattern magic stripes]! These will not be done for tomorrow, although they are a fast knit, but I figured it gives me a head start on her Christmas present.

I also casted on those because it didn't involve me doing a figure 8 cast on, which for the life of me I cannot figure out. i tried like 20 different times before I gave up and decided I would wait on my socks a little bit. I'm going to go to the knitting group at my library on Thursday, hopefully someone can help me there.

That's all the news so...

Happy Knitting!

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