Thursday, July 20, 2006

I bought over $150 worth of yarn today!!

hehe that title caught your eye now didn't it??!

well, i went to Jo Ann's today to pick up some things i had put on hold last night while i was working, and i am soo glad that i went because all of the yarn was 3 skeins for $1 ... yes one dollar so of course i went NUTS!! and obviously i didnt need any of it, but at that price when some of them were $5.99 a skein, it would have been just plain old stupid of me not to buy any... and just to make you wonder, im not going to say hoe much i ended up actually paying until the end of the post!!

Here's what i bought:

9 balls of Dolcetto yarn

-1 yellow
-1 lime
-2 purple
-2 blue
-3 peach

14 balls of Smania yarn (sorry it's not on the website)
~this yarn is really neat, its sort of like a ribbon yarn, except its also sort of verigated... it's very nice~

-4 in a pink/yellow/purple/green/orange color (very summery)
-4 in the same colors as said balls above, only a tad darker
-3 in a pink/purple/peach/redish tones
-3 in a teal/blue/light purple/dark purple tones

5 balls of Splendor yarn (sorry, again it's not on the website)

-all of these were in black, which has a thin almost threadlike piece of silver wrapped in with it

11 skeins of Angel Hair yarn

-7 in the black/white multi
-4 in the medium purple

that is a total of 39 balls/skeins of yarn... and it would have cost well over $150 .. said so on the cash register.. and guess, just guess how much it cost me?!?!


isnt that amazing? .. of course i bought other things as well, some discontinued home dec fabric samples, 2 no sew fleece blankets, and more... my mom and i figured out how much our total purchase would have cost, it would have cost us over $288 ... but with all the discounts it only cost us $23!! i am SHOCKED!! when i go into work tomorrow, if there is any left, i dont care what it is i am going to grab it and buy it lol... hopefully there will be some needles left that i can grab too

now, of course i didnt have anywhere to put all this yarn, so i had to go out and buy one of those air tight plastic containers that doesnt let light in, so it doesn't get discoloured or start to smell funky if i have to stash it in the basement.. and the container almost cost more then all of the yarn did!

well, that is all the knitting news that i have, other then that i have been working on my Branching Out scarf and it looks really good... my sister wants it but i told her no! .. maybe i will make her one with all of the yarn i just bought!

Happy Knitting to everyone!!


Micky said...

Yep, I'd be broke every week. But who would care?

Samantha said...

Excellent score!! :)