Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No school today, it's election day!

My camera is still not hooked up, but I got a great idea to scan in my besotted scarf from someone. I'm not sure how well other things will scan, but I will try a little later when my homework and what not is done, but for now here is my bessotted scarf:

I like how the verigated yarn is making it look kind of rainbow-ish. I also like how because of the cables the colors are not going in stripes like they probably would if I weren't using cables, but I am working on this for the Fall Cable KAL 2006

That's all I'm posting for now I have to go do Spanish Homework, Art homework, and study for a huge French test I have tomorrow. I'll try and post more later today.

Happy Knitting!


Micky said...

No I don't mind you using my idea. I know lots of people who scan their projects. I just haven't had one for very long, so I am using it as much as I can now.
Yours looks really pretty!

Calling Kahlo said...

That is such a cool pattern, like tic tac toe X's and O's.

lorinda said...

I'm besotted with your scarf!

Thanks for being patient. Should have your sp9 match to you today.

Anonymous said...

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