Monday, November 13, 2006


Ok, so I finally have my digital camera uploaded into the new computer, so get ready for some pictures, backdated, but pictures non-the-less!!

First, here is the Branching out Scarf I finished a while ago:

here is another shot, it's a little dark but you can see the lace detail really good:

here are the pedicure socks I made for my mom - which were supposed to be a Christmas present but I just couldn't hold off that long to give them to her (click on the link under 2006 Finished Projects for a different picture):

this is a ribbed keyhole scarf I made, I also made my own pattern up as I went along and I think it came out pretty good for my first time 'free-knitting'

Those are all my FO's, or at least all the ones I could find and carry downstairs in one trip. If I find anymore I'll post them later.

Here is the current [ok, one of the current] WIP I'm working on. The Crusoe socks from Knitty.

this is the front part, I'm not doing the full leg, I am sort of going to try and make it into an ankle sock

this is the back heel flap, I just started and I'm about 6 rows into it.

Alright, I think I'm all caught up!! It's so nice to have my camera finally. I got it for Christmas last year and am just finally getting to put it into a computer, it's so nice. Now I will be able to post reguarly with pictures! Who doesn't love pictures of knitting to look at?

Still no news about my SP, maybe I'll just have to sit out of this round :(

That's all the updates I have, hope everyone has a lovely week and ...

Happy Knitting!


Micky said...

Very nice pieces! I look forward to more pics of your knitting.

Micky said...

Isn't the news of the Harry Potter release date exciting?!
Can't wait!!

.~Sarah~. said...

Hey jessica! You haven't heard from me in forever! I've been reading your blog, just not commenting. Really sorry, I've been trying to get my new website to work... and I did. It's at Sorry, I can't make a link. But if you want to make comments just email me at and I'll stick them right in. I love those socks so far. Wow... long comment.