Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today kicks off Socktober Fest 2006! I wish that my cat wouldn't have ran off with the fourth needle for my mom's pair of pedicure socks. I don't have another paird of 7 dpns and don't have the money to buy more.. which means as of the moment I cannot finish them .

I also need to go somewhere to figure out how to cast on with the figure 8 way, so i can do my toe up ankle socks.

In midst of the Fall Cable KAL 2006 I casted on for Hello Yarn's Besotted Scarf. I'm using some of the verigated ribbony yarn I got when the old Jo-Ann store closed, so far it looks really cool. For the cable KAL I'm also working on my central park hoodie I started last week.

That's all the knitting news I have, between work and school I don't have much time to do anything, but I'm trying to find a happy balance.

Hope everyone has a lovely week! and....

Happy Knitting!

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Micky said...

Hey. I'm back online now. Nothing new to post yet though. Still sorting through boxes and moving stuff around.
Hope everything is going good for you.