Tuesday, August 01, 2006

SP 9 baby!!

I just confirmed with my mom, and she okayed it... I am going to do Secret Pal 9

I am uber excited.. not sure exactly how it works, but I can't wait!!! :-D


Kerry said...

Hi Jessica! Just keep an eye on the blog for updates. We'll be posting the rules soon. You can get a better idea of how it works by reading through the posts on the SP8 blog. (http://secretpal8.blogspot.com/) Basically, you are given the name of a participant to send goodies to and in return another participant will be given your name. Everyone keeps their identity a secret until the end of the exchange unless your pal is able to figure out who you are before then. It really is a ton of fun and I'm so glad you're excited about participating! Again, keep an eye on the blog for updates. We'll begin taking applications on Sept 1st. :-)

Tracy said...

Yeah, what Kerry said!
I was just going to post a little about it having pariciated in SP7 myself but I think she pretty much covered everything. If you have questions feel free to stop by my blog and I'd be happy to answer them :-)