Thursday, September 07, 2006

Central Park Hoodie!

Tonight at my work (Jo-Ann's) they had sort of an open house type thing. Tomorrow is the official date that we open too the public (!) Employees could bring family members and at the end they opened it up to shopping!

I had seen the Central Park Hoodie [pics here and here] a while ago, and I wanted to make it, seeing as how the other sweater I started is too small. Anyway, I decided to spend some of my paychecks since I have been so good with putting all of my paychecks into my bank account. I bought yarn for the hooddie! Nothing fancy, it is just Lion Brand wool ease, but in this color:

I like it. In person it is more of a white-ish with pink, not so much pink... it's not a girly pink, its sort of a subdued pinkish purple. Anyhoo I like it.

I am going to finish off my mom's pedicure socks, which is only an inch or two, and then I am going to start it up.

I can't write too more, I want to relax before school tomorrow. Have a lovely day everyone!

P.S. It's official! I am now a proper member of Secret Pal 9!

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