Tuesday, October 11, 2005

chugga chugga chugga chooo-choooo


ok well, the hp scarf train is moving along swiftly..hence the title ^__^ .... i think im going to end up doing only 15 stripes instead of the full 19 because it is getting offily long...i also think i need to find someone with a digital camera so i can take pictures and start posting... because quite frankly a knitting blog just isnt the same without some pictures... i think instead of spending my money on more yarn...that i really dont need, ill start saving my 10 dollars allowance every week and put it away for my own digital camera...that will take a while though... well thats all i have to say for now

xx midnight stitcher

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nush said...

Hey there,

well. I can't think of anything to write now.

Oh well. Yay, the scarf is coming along!

Also, I wish I had loads of yarn I didn't need ;( all my yarn is to be strictly used for other projects, grrr. (But at least it means that I don't buy it all myself, haha. Since my aunt demands copious amounts of knitted items, I make her pay for the yarn, mwahahahaha...)

Heh. nush x (from craftster/kidknits thingie).