Tuesday, October 18, 2005

should be done soon!!

Ive gotten permission from my Fiber Arts teacher and she said i could work on my harry potter scarf during class... with an hour to each class, four times a week... thats 4 hours just inside school ill have to work on it! it should be done.... no later then saturday i would think...unless i decide to do the full 19 stripes intead of just the 15.....still no pictures...but i might borrow my uncles camera to take some this weekend, ill see... thats all for now

xx midnight stitcher

also.... if anyone reads this and knows how i can get those sub category things on the side... like it will say.. on the needles... with a little precentage of how much is done....if you know how i can get that, please let me know i have been searching everywhere!

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nush said...

SHUDDUP, spammer!! (the other commenter)

I want yarn.
I wish I could knit in lessons....the teachers in my school are all convinced that if you're holding a pen you're not concentrating and not listening. So all those kinesthetic learners just have to fight the doodling urge....True, I don't doodle, nor would I be able to knit in class....but it sucks.

Lucky you.

Sorry, dunno about the sidebar.