Friday, December 30, 2005


ok.. well my computer decided to cooperate today, and it let me see some of the pictures my friend anya [the one i made the HP scarf for] posted in her blog....there just happened to be some of her with the scarf so here they are!

she took a day trip up to chicago and she decided to pose with some lego figures!

sorry, they are a bit blurry...but they're better then no pictures!

thats all the pictures i have for now, but hopefully i can get my computer to fully cooperate and ill be able to post pictures of everything

Happy Knitting!

~~By the way....everybody who views my page, i would really appreciate some comments, i know people are looking because i have that little tracker thing that counts how many people view your page...anyway comments=appreciated!~~


ok, I recieve a comment (!) that said the pictures couldnt be seen... so here are the links... let me know if they work

//end of edit//


Gwen Erin said...

um.. I'm not seeing the pictures. Sorry!

Gwen Erin said...

I can see!

I know I saw the calendar at Waldon's bookstore so I would guess Borders has it too. There's a crotchet very as well.

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