Sunday, August 28, 2005

Harry Potter Scarf

ok well, i finished my pink scarf on saturday [no picture yet] and im starting the Harry Potter house scarf, in Gryffindor colors...i had to return the blue yarn i got, because it was all fuzzy and im not equipped enough to work with that yet, so im sticking to regular yarn for now...anyway lol here are pictures of the yarn for the scarf

<-- this is the gold yarn, excuse my toe i was taking the picture on the car floor

this is the burgundy yarn, excuse the blurriness and my other toe...its a deep red

and this is how far ive gotten, since yesturday at like 9

im a little farther along, though i found out im going to have to alter the pattern because right there is 20 rows, the pattern says to switch to the other color after 22 rows, and that is way to thin for the hp scarf, im going to have to do 44 i think...hopefully i dont run out of yarn, especially since i got the gold on sale.....ohh gosh that would be bad

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