Monday, September 05, 2005

new pictures

ok well i took some new pictures and uploaded them from my they are

<-- this is a picture of the final pink scarf i's a little blurry, but you get the idea

<-- this is how far along i am on the HP house scarf....i took this before the cookout at my uncle's i went to today...i forgot to bring the red skein of yarn, so i could only finish the yellow stripe and then i had to stop

thats all the updates i have for now...i start school on tuesday, so i dont know how much time im going to have to dedicate to my knitting, but im going to try and give myself some time to do helps me relax..but when i have more pictures ill post...if anyone reads this, post comments please

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Janey said...

Never thought to check out your blog when I was reading craftster.
I've just been looking at Sunday's pictures, your blog entry before this one.

Ha Ha Ha.
You are a MUCH better knitter than you are a photographer. Or maybe you could knit with your toes? Maybe that is why they are sidling up to the yarn. Or perhaps they are trying to give you a hint - to knit socks.

Janey/Jane2 from craftster