Tuesday, November 22, 2005


i havent had much time to knit lately....ive got a lot of school work to do and everything, so sometimes the only time i get is on fridays when i go to that knitting group after school at the library...but ive been doing better

last weekend, i finally bought yarn and needles for the french market bag from knitty...but im not going to start that until after the holidays...i also finally bought yarn to make my friends slytherin scarf...im not telling her though because i want to suprise her and send it to her for christmas!

speaking of christmas....the dishcloths are going good...ive got about 3 done....not that many but like i said i dont have endless amounts of time to sit and knit

i have a 4 day weekened due to the holiday this weekend so im pretty sure ill be having quite a bit of time to work on projects....

corrin [from the library] got three big boxes full of yarn from a friend, and shes bringing me in some...last week she brought me in 5 skeins of this beautiful blue verigated mohair yarn...its absolutely gorgeous...and soo soft too!

still no pictures :(...i know this blog isnt really exciting, or thrilling to look at because i dont have pictures...but im working on it

thats all for now

to all who read this, please comment and...

Happy Knitting!

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