Sunday, November 13, 2005

Christmas Crafting Update

alright, well i havent had too much time to work on things with my school work and such... it seems like theyre piling it on lately, but anyway things are moving along quite smoothly

i had to go and buy some more yarn for the dishcloths because i can only get roughly about 1 and a little over a half out of one skein... so instead of spending money on individual colors i just bought this big cone of it... its multi colored, there was one pound of the yarn and it was only about 6 dollars i think.. .cheaper then buying the individual ones

i cant make my sister that hat, because the yarn the pattern is for is made with wool, and she is allergic to wool, unless i can figure out a way to line the hat, or use a different yarn

i went to go buy my mom the sea foam green chenille yarn but they didnt have the color so i didnt know if there was another color i should get.... plus it was 7 dollars a skein and i was running out of money

so ive had a bit of a pot hole i guess you could call it, in my christmas crafting.. but i think it should be alright from here

thats all

Happy Knitting!

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