Monday, November 07, 2005

Christmas Crafting

Yes, well I know that it is only November 7th... but I still think I need to get a head start on all the items I plan to knit for people this year... heres what I've come up with so far...

Mom~ 5 dishcloths, 1 chenille scarf

Kayla (sister)~ a neat flapper hat i found a pattern for online, possibly with a matching scarf using the same yarn as the hat

Auntie Jean~ 5 dishcloths

Rusty (sewing teacher)~ 5 dishcloths, mini knitting needle and yarn ball pin

thats not all I'm giving, but thats all I'm knitting... well as far as I know right now... seeing as my mom is still my main source of yarn buyage I dont have a unlimited amount of money to spend, but I am saving some here and there, ya know extra lunch money and what not... I have about $21 in an envelope I think.... its not much I know that, but it should be enough to buy some more yarn for the dishcloths ... I think I can only get one full one for the skein.... and the yarn for my mom's scarf... I have to buy that with my own money, because if not I would be approached with the questions of... "Well what is this for? I want to know before I buy the yarn what you are going to be making." I dont blame here.. .she wants to make sure I'm going to use it and she just isnt spending money and yarn, for the sake of me to fill up that lovely new basket i have!

I havent been working much on my moss stitch bag... I'm trying to get Christmas things done first, then finish the bag for me... but thats alright its not that big of a deal

In my Fiber Arts class we're doing more felting... I couldnt think of anything to do, and then I thought of the brilliant idea of a felted bowl for holding my skein of yarn while I knit... so I dont have to chase it around the living room, or better yet my cat doesnt! So far so good with that....though I'm still not sure how sturdy it is going to be, but I'll find out soon enough!

I'm going to talk to my cousing this week, and see if she could possibly drop the camera off on Thursday night, and pick it up on Friday... I have no school on Friday, so that would be a good day for me to stay in and take pictures, plenty of time... so hopefully I will have pictures of all my creations (except maybe the felted bowl because if its not done i have to leave it at school, unless of course i get permission to bring it home, and then back to school) ... and all of my works in progress... i hope i hope i hope!!

well for all who read this... please comment, and Happy Knitting!

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Gwen Erin said...

Hi! I noticed that your going to be making the French Market Bag. I just made it myself, and I'd love to see how your's comes out. My felts never end up like the picture! Also, I love the Georgia Nicolson books too. Great stuff. Happy knitting!