Saturday, November 05, 2005


alright... well i am EXTREAMLY excited because i FINALLY worked it out so i could have my upcoming projects on the side and my works in progress on the side with those percentage bars!! all thanks to my new blogging friend Kym... check out her blog everybody!! theres the link!! ohh im so excited!

im making dishcloths from my grandmother's pattern for my aunt and mom for Christmas...i made a test one and it came out really nice!

that moss stitch bag is coming out really nice... though i have yet to find the right handles that match it... which is a little upsetting.. who knows ive only checked at one store, but i think ill drag my mom out to the other 3 craft stores i know of lol...

i went to Jo-Ann's today... they had this really cool autumn-y yarn on sale for like 2dollars.. i got about 6 skeins i think... i also got these really cute magnets...theyre thimbles, and this little retractable measuring tape its in this little square shape and it has thread and sewing needles all over it.. its adorable .... i also got some Sugar n' Cream 100% cotton yarn to make dishcloths with ... i got one that is like an off white and it has random spekcs of a light pink, purple, and blue in it... i got a vergitate brown and off white one, i got a verigated pink and white one... and i also got this really funky bright yellow, orange and pink one... theyre really nice

again when i can ill take pictures and post them... of EVERYTHING.... by the time i get to use a digital camera ill have to take about a billion pictures....

thats all

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