Sunday, December 31, 2006

year end wrap-up

so my camera wasn't charged last night for me to take pictures and post - i forgot to plug in the dock ... woops :-]

but here is what i have:

as far as knitting goes I haven't done too much on anything I haven't really had the time but I did finish one of my Crusoe Socks! [well almost]

the only thing I have left to do is cast off the toe. It gives me the option of knitting the stiches on needles one and two and then doing the kitchener stitch of the first and second needles together, or of pulling the yarn through all stitches. This is the first sock I've ever made so I'm not sure which is best. Any suggestions??

on the non knitting front I made some curtains for my room yesterday!

First of all my room is all black and white pictures of New York, and Audrey Hepburn like this:

This is only the wall that my bed is on but you get the idea of it. Now before I made the curtains that I did, I had these maroonish deep red curtains up that well, did just not go. Here is what I made:

Cute aren't they? They're black with white polka dots, which I think goes very well with my room.

I also had a martini glass on my dresser that was just overflowwing with chapsticks and perfume samples so I did something that isn't very crafty but it used craft supplies so I suppose you could count it - I filled the martini glass with 'pearl' beads. It looks adorable on my dresser with all my perfumes set up. I would post a picture but blogger isn't allowing me to add anymore, I'm not sure why though.

Well, my goals as far as craftyness goes are that I would like to finish everything I started this year, if not everything than at least half. I would also like to try dying some yarn of my own. Other than that I'm not really sure.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and as always ...

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

Happy New year to you too! your curtains look great.

Micky said...

Very cute.
I need to put a book on hold. I just can't figure out if I can do it online or not. I have many notifications set up though.
Did you do yours online?
Happy New Year!