Friday, January 26, 2007


I've been a bad blogger, and a bad knitter. I haven't been working on knitting much. Mainly because school has started to pick up with more work than it seems like I've ever gotten. Also I was picked with 19 other kids in the junior class by teaches to do a pilot test run of our Senior Project. It's an honor because we were reccomended and then had to fill out an application of sorts and then were chosen by the principle and vice principle, but it means an whole lot more of extra work. The good part? Because I want to go to school for fashion design, my project is to illustrate, design, and produce a five piece clothing collection. I never limited myself to simply fabric clothing, so I might try and knit up a coulple swatches of just stiches thrown together in my own pattern to see if I can some up with something that I could use in my project.

I was out of school for the past two days with a horrific cold though: double ear infection, fluid build up in the ears and nose, a sore throat, and a fever, but wait there's more, top that off with pink eye in my right eye to point where it was swolen almost completely shut and womenly cramps. Oh did I have fun or what!? I was basically sleeping or on the couch watching all the craft shows I miss because of school. I did however manage to get some knitting in between my sleeping and sneezing.

I did quite a bit on my second sock. I finished the heel flap, turned the heel, did the gusset, and am now moving along nicely on the foot part.

I want to say that it will be finished by the end of the weekened but I am not too sure about that. It depends what my work schedule is and how much time I have left over after completing all the work I missed on Thursday and Friday. I am still a little sick too so it will all depend.

I did do something else than just my sock though. I wanted some mindless knitting that I wouldnt need to worry about messing up if my medicine had me a little foggy. I did some searing on Lion Brand's website and found this easy pattern. I casted on last night and switched off between working on the stole and the sock.

This picture is more for the fact of looking at the lace pattern. Its very simple - just a k2tog, yo across the row followed by a straight knit on the next row.

You can see the colors really good in this picture. There's a little bit of gray mixed into the verigation which I wasn't sure how much I was going to like at first, but it looks okay.

I also think I've found a new knitting bag. I went to NYC back in Novemeber and was caught up in the moment when i bought this bag;

I realized when I got home that ti is actually a luggage carry on. I wasn't sure what I was going to do since I felt kind of funny about carrying it about as an actual purse so I just stored it up in my closet until my mom's friend suggested using it as a knitting bag. It works wonderfully. Theres a little zipper thing in the middle two keep two projects seperate, theres compartments for needles and measuring tapes and all that jazz. Plus it's quite roomy which is always good.

See? It hold the large ball of yarn for my stole, plus my sock project. It's very nice because it sits in the crock at the fold of your arm near your elbow so it makes standing somewhere and knitting quite easy. Although I am going to have to work on someway to keep it open - even when unzippered it kind of stays shut and you have to tug a bit on yarn.

That is all my knitting news for now. The only other thing left is that I switched to the new blogger. I like the old version better I think. I lost my WIP percent bars. I can't figure out how to tweak the HTML and get it to work. I should probably work on it when IM not sick, so I'm just going to leave it for now so I don't mess anything up worse. :-] That's all my news for now.

Happy Knitting!

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